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Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Hair Removal Solution to Unwanted Hair?


Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that is undertaken by many people across the world as a solution to their problems of unwanted facial or body hair.

The process involves the use of a beam of concentrated light, directed towards the hair follicles. The heat generated is used to burn the hair follicles and thus prevent further growth of hair from that area. Further, the light from the laser is used to lighten the colour of remaining hair by affecting the pigment called melanin and reducing its intensity.When performed correctly, laser treatment can be considered as being a more permanent hair removal option only in comparison to the traditional methods of removing hair such as waxing, shaving and using epilators. The treatment is visibly most effective for people with darker and thicker hair. In such cases, the laser procedure might take several sittings to ensure that the hair removal has been consistent and precise.


How Many Sessions are required for Laser Hair Removal?

Depending upon the choice of laser procedure chosen, the treatment period can vary from 3 sessions to 6 or 8 sessions. However, around 90% of the people who receive the treatment report permanent hair loss only after several treatment sessions. This means that on certain parts of their body they would no longer be needing to shave or wax. These results would only be achieved after several sessions and you won’t be able to get sufficient hair reduction after just 1-2 sessions. This is because the hair would be in different stages of its growth. Essentially, there is no way of treating all of the follicles in one session.Each session of laser treatment helps to achieve a certain level of reduction of the amount of hair, depending on the rate of regrowth and the effectiveness of the treatment. When keeping in mind the rate of hair regrowth, one must also keep in mind the darkness and thickness of the hair that grows back. If a treatment causes your hair to grow much finer and lighter, then this will also be classified as permanent hair reduction.


For How Long Does the Effect Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment Lasts?

Permanent laser hair removal is only achieved after years of continuous laser procedure to completely eradicate the hair follicles so that hair can simply not grow from them.Until several years of laser therapy have gone by, one can only achieve permanent hair reduction. When undergoing laser treatment for hair reduction, if all the parameters have been taken into consideration and the treatment is performed at the right stage of hair growth, we can ensure that a top-up session is required only once a year, till achieving complete and permanent hair removal. The conclusion that one can draw is that laser therapy may help you get rid of hair effectively and prevent it from growing back for relatively longer periods of time, but it does require consistency and an expert’s supervision for the best results. Consult our expert dermatologist for laser hair reduction.
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