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Laser Hair Removal = Long Term Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal = Long Term Hair Removal

Excessive body and facial hair are a reason of discomfort and embarrassment for men and women alike. Getting rid of this can not only be time consuming but also a hassle. Not to forget that over a lifetime, it gets to be an expensive affair. Which is why, we consider laser hair removal to be the best solution to all your problems. Here’s why laser hair removal is effective in the long run.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Reduction In Hair Growth

As difficult as it may be to believe, laser hair removal leads to a permanent reduction in hair growth. The laser used in this service directly targets the hair follicles by eliminating your hair right from the roots, causing thinner hair and reduced hair growth.

Cost Effective

Haven’t you always considered waxing to be a cheaper option and opted for it instead of laser hair removal? Well, with this thought you are actually spending much more on waxing. Here is how laser hair removal helps you save more money in the long run.

No Ingrown Hair

Isn’t ingrown hair too stubborn to leave you alone? But with laser hair removal that won’t be the case! Waxing and shaving causes your hair to turn back and grow inwards into your skin, giving rise to ingrown hair. As laser hair removal reaches the bottom of your hair follicles, it gets rid of body hair right from the roots without leading to hair ingrowth.

Smooth, Hairfree Skin

The long term results of laser hair removal are sure to make you adore your skin! With a minimum of 6 sessions of this service, the dermatologists at Kaya bestow upon you, smooth, hairfree skin! The US FDA approved laser light technology used in the laser hair removal service offered by Kaya makes sure that it leaves no trace of hair on your skin.  

Laser Hair Removal At Kaya

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Permanent Hair Reduction is a gold standard service for both men as well as women. As hair reduction depends on many factors like skin type, hair growth and so on, the dermatologists at Kaya conduct a thorough analysis of your skin and hair and customize a plan according to your skin concern. The laser hair removal service offered by Kaya is performed by certified beauty therapists who are given an in depth training before letting them perform the treatment, thus ensuring that you are in safe hands throughout the entire service.

Customer Reviews For Kaya Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Kaya brings forth a decade’s experience of successfully serving more than 1,00,000 happy, hairfree customers. Here’s what the customers have to tell about their Kaya Laser Hair Removal experience.

Flawless Skin

Aparna Sharma is of the opinion that the treatment gave her smooth skin. She says, ‘Had laser treatment for my skin and now my skin is flawless. Service is worth the money.’

A Beautiful Experience

Kaya customer Keyuri Patel describes her experience with Kaya laser hair removal as a beautiful one, ‘It has been a beautiful experience. I have been visiting Kaya since the last 2 years. Their hair reduction laser treatment is so amazing.’

Perfect Care

What is better than a good service followed by perfect care! Srishti Mehta has this to say about the treatment ‘I have been taking laser hair reduction at Kaya and the service has been amazing. I have seen a variable amount of difference. The doctors are really helpful and caring.’

Although you may be tempted to chose temporary hair removal services to save money, laser hair removal is more efficient and cost effective in the long run.

So go ahead and book your appointment with Kaya today and choose to go hair free.

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