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Laser Hair Removal Facts And Myths You Need To Know

Laser Hair Removal Facts And Myths You Need To Know

Are you tired of waxing, shaving or epilating all the time? Don’t we always keep looking for ways to obtain supple, smooth skin with minimal efforts? Well, laser hair removal helps us in doing just that! If you’re the reluctant one who runs away from laser hair removal due to the myths that surround this treatment, we are here to bust them, thus making your dream of ‘hair removal with minimal efforts’ come true. Here are some myth busters related to laser hair removal that you should be aware of.

Ingrown Hair

Myth: Laser hair removal causes ingrown hair.

Fact: Ingrown hair may be really common after shaving or waxing but certainly not after a laser hair removal treatment. This service targets the hair follicles to reduce your body hair right from the roots. As the laser used in this service effectively destroys the hair bulb, your hair does not grow back. Hence, in comparison to this myth surrounding laser hair removal, this treatment actually causes a decrease in ingrown hair.

Hair Growth

Myth: Laser hair removal increases the number of newly grown hair.

Fact: Our body hair grows in three phases out of which Anagen is the active growth phase. As laser hair removal targets the hair follicles in this phase, the amount of hair growth rather reduces with this service. The best part about laser hair removal is that your hair starts becoming thinner with every session!

Skin Damage And Burns

Myth: Laser hair removal is painful and damages your skin.

Fact: The technology used in laser hair removal treatments has advanced a lot over the years. This service directly targets your hair follicles without causing any damage to the surrounding area of your skin. The laser hair removal treatment at Kaya uses US FDA approved laser light technology that does not harm your skin. Moreover, this procedure is performed by certified beauty therapists at Kaya who undergo an in-depth training before executing the service, keeping in mind that your skin faces no damage or burns. 

Number Of Sessions

Myth: Laser hair removal gives best results only in one session.

Fact: It is certainly possible for laser hair removal treatment to reduce your hair growth just in one sitting. However, if you wish to see long lasting results, a minimum of 6 sessions are recommended to obtain smooth, hair-free skin.

Other Damage

Myth: Laser hair removal causes damage to internal organs.

Fact: If you’ve been avoiding laser hair removal due to this myth, there’s absolutely no need to worry! The laser used in this procedure penetrates only 1- 4 mm into your skin. Which is why, there is no chance left for it to reach your internal organs and damage them.


Myth: Laser hair removal is very expensive.

Fact: It is obvious that an overall comparison may make you feel that laser hair removal is more expensive than any other method of hair removal like shaving or waxing. However, if you compare this service with the others in the long run, laser hair removal is sure to save a lot of money.

Skin Type

Myth: Laser hair removal does not work on dark skin.

Fact: Be it dark skin or fair skin, this treatment is effective on any type of skin. The laser hair removal service at Kaya makes use of US FDA approved laser light technology which is highly suitable and effective for Indian skin type.

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser Hair Removal is targeted towards reducing your hair growth right from your hair roots. As hair reduction depends on various factors like hair growth, skin type and so on, the dermatologists at Kaya conduct a thorough analysis of your skin and create a customized plan that is suitable for your skin concern.

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