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Laser Hair Removal 101 (LHR 101)

Laser Hair Removal 101 (LHR 101)

How many times have you come across the term ‘Laser Hair Removal’ and wondered what exactly is this process? While the name sure does sound heavy, we can assure you that this is an extremely safe and user friendly option for hair removal. Not to forget, this is the most convenient form of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Here is everything you need to know about Laser Hair Removal.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal works with the laser light technology. The laser is pointed where there is hair and it targets the follicle to prevent further growth. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch – Laser Hair Removal is gentle and does not affect the skin surrounding the area, thus ensuring you get smooth, hair free skin without damaging it.

Is It Safe & Hygienic?

The short answer to this question is YES! The longer answer is that Kaya uses US FDA approved Nd:Yag technology, which is not only the best option for Indian skin but also absolutely safe. Furthermore, at Kaya, you will be in the hands of experts who ensure that your experience with laser hair reduction is safe and sound. Remember that a patch test will be conducted on you to see how your skin reacts to the laser. The treatment will be performed by an expert Kaya technician and supervised by a dermatologist. Also, at Kaya we follow strict practices when it comes to hygiene to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience. Compared to the beauty parlour where you share the facility with a lot of strangers, laser hair removal is way more hygienic and a safe option.

Is It Painful?

When compared to traditional hair removal methods like waxing and epilation, laser hair removal is in fact not that painful. You will experience a sensation when you undergo the procedure but it is a relatively comfortable treatment

Is It Expensive?

This is a question that will definitely come to your mind when you’re contemplating undergoing laser hair removal treatment. However, remember that what you end up spending on waxing in a lifetime is more than what you’ll be spending on this treatment. If you don't believe us, you can check out this cost calculator! Hence, in the long run, this treatment is definitely a viable option.

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These are the Laser Hair Removal Facts And Myths You Need To Know.

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