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Kaya Skin Bars and Kaya Shop in Shops (SIS) are designed to cater to the needs of today's modern woman who is always on the move and is in line with the brand’s philosophy of offering customized, holistic skin care solutions to discerning Indian consumers through a wider array of products.With fourteen specialized advanced skin care and hair care ranges that have been developed by Kaya dermatologists, these stores provides complete solution to all skin concerns like acne, sensitive skin, pigmentation, ageing, brightening etc. apart from daily care.The journey in these stores start with a detailed skin diagnostic that looks at your skin holistically and gives a complete skin health report. Basis this, our highly trained and certified beauty experts will recommend a personalized solution to suit your skin type and concern. The first Kaya Skin Bar was launched on January 1, 2013 in Bengaluru and has now expanded to 17 stores in various metros till January 2016. The first Kaya Shop in Shop was opened in Pune in March 2015 and has today expanded to 100 stores across various locations in the country. They are available in major lifestyle stores like Lifestyle, Central, Health and Glow etc.We invite you to try out the experience for yourself at one of our exclusive outlets.
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