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Know What A Doctor Has To Say About Your Hair Loss


You often go to the Internet in search of the best answers for you and come up short. The Internet can sometimes give misleading or irrelevant answers which aren’t helpful at all. So Kaya the skin and hair Expert, brings to you a direct connection to a hair doctor. Now know what a doctor has to say about your hair loss.

Expert Speaks

It is normal to lose about 50-100 strands of hair every day. But if the hair loss exceeds that limit, you should definitely look observe your hair loss pattern. Men and women generally have a set pattern to hair loss and it is all about finding the right cause of hair loss to determine the next plan of action. Men usually start seeing hair loss in the form of a receding hair line and women experience a diffused hair shedding that is most prominent around the hair partition. Hair loss that is caused by genetic factors or hormonal involvement generally starts early on in life. 

Treatment Options

If hair damage can be limited and the area of baldness is small the hair loss treatment of choice should be prp therapy hair loss. Kaya’s Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy completely restores hair to its optimum health and shows maximum effect and solutions at the hair root. Genetic and hormonal causes directly affect the size of hair follicles and aid in their shrinkage. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions should be considered when the damage to hair follicles is permanent and irreversible. Kaya clinic offers a wide range of services and consultation that gives you a detailed understanding of our hair needs.

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