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Know more about Melasma: Its Causes and Treatment


Melasma is a common skin problem. The condition causes dark, discolored patches on your skin. Procedures for melasma include a chemical peel (such as glycolic acid), microdermabrasion and dermabrasion.

•  What is Melasma?

The colour of your skin is determined by the production of melanin. Due to various reasons there can be an overproduction of melanin in your skin which leads to hyperpigmentation. It can be in the form of freckles, or other patches of darkened skin. Melasma is a known form of hyperpigmentation, which is highly common among women. Though melasma is not restricted to any particular race, it is widely noticed among women with darker skin tone.

•  Causes of Melasma

The effects of it are commonly noticed on the cheeks, nose bridge, upper lips etc. and forms blotchy, dark, symmetrical patches on your skin. For some women it also appears on the arms and other area which are exposed to sun. Some of the known causes of melasma are prolonged exposure to sun, and oral intake of contraceptive pills, stress and thyroid are also other causes for it. It is also termed as the “pregnancy mask” when it appears on pregnant women. There are no known symptoms of it per say, as it does not cause itchiness or soreness on the affected area. The pigmentation characteristic of it is easily recognizable and can be diagnosed by its distribution on the face. Dermatologists diagnose it by looking at the skin or by conducting a skin biopsy.

•  Melasma Treatment

At Kaya Skin Clinic, we offer specialized treatment for melasma through our Insta Clarity Laser Action and Pigmentation Reduction System. The treatments extended by us include,

Insta Clarity Laser Action

Insta Clarity is used for the treatment of both superficial as well as deeper pigmentation. It operates using advanced technology which includes the Q-Switched laser. The Q-Switched laser uses an invisible beam of light which targets the brown pigment or the melanin present in the pigmented area. Since the light beam is targeted directly at the pigmented area it won’t affect the surrounding area. This treatment leaves you with smooth and even skin tone, as the pigment absorbs the laser energy and is dispersed and absorbed by the body. The Q-Switched laser is very safe for Indian skin, which makes it an efficient solution for the treatment of melasma and other skin pigmentations.

Pigmentation Reduction System

A combination of Insta Clarity Laser with advanced dermal peels is now available for the treatment of melasma. One of the core peels used in this system is the Intense Clarity Peel. This system was researched and developed by the dermatologists at Kaya and includes a tri-active combination peel system. This peel has a unique combination of dermal peels and botanic actives. These help to gently exfoliate your skin as it has natural skin lightening and depigmentation properties. It also has additional properties which helps in improving the cell turnover. The improvement in the cell turn over helps to reduce uneven skin tone and dark spots. The excessive melanin production is restrained because of the botanical actives, which results in an even tone and visibly lighter skin. Skin Perfector Deep Pigmentation Peel is the other peel used for the treatment of melasma. It is a combination peel and is suitable for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and patchy skin tone. The peel has a combination of Citric, Lactic and Kojic acids. The presence of Citric and Lactic acid helps to lift and whiten your skin, and the Kojic acid works on the dark spots. The dermatologist at Kaya use the combination of a combination of these peels as part of the Pigmentation Reduction System for the treatment of melasma.
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