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Know how technology harms your skin

Know how technology harms your skin


Our fingertips have natural oils, when we touch surfaces like keyboards they collect grime which can cause acne. So keep your hands away from the face. Be it keyboard or the kitchen platform, the surfaces are loaded with germs. So it is advisable to wash hands before you touch your face.


Constant contact from headphones can lead to acne. Headphones get dirty after sometime and are loaded with germs and sweat. They can irritate your skin and lead to breakout.  Clean your headphones on regular basis or completely avoid using them.  


Most of us now rely on the computer to get work done. Be it personal work or office related, we are completely dependent on computers. We shop online, pay our bills online, make office presentations etc. We end up staring at the computer screen for hours which then leads to squinting. Nowadays, we even read books on electronic devices. This constant exposure can lead to frown lines and wrinkles. It is advisable that every half an hour you look away from the screen and give your eyes some rest.  


If you love to accessorize and wear jewellery, please ensure that you clean them on regular basis. They can be loaded with germs and bacteria. It can irritate your skin and lead to rashes, itching and breakouts.  

At Kaya, we believe that a 360° holistic approach is necessary in treating and controlling acne, leading to clearer skin. When you step into Kaya, our expert dermatologists begin the session with a thorough in-depth skin and health analysis to diagnose the causes of your acne. Whether it is diet, lifestyle or stress that is leading to the breakout. Basis their detailed observation, and depending on the type and severity of acne, a combination of advanced peels, services and medications are customized for you. This will help you treat and control your acne. Our dermatologists also ensure that your skin heals properly so that pigmentation and scarring is minimized. They will also advise you on the right diet and other do's and don'ts that will help you avoid acne in the future.  

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