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Kaya's Vital Volume Range for Thick Hair Growth

Kaya's Vital Volume Range for Thick Hair Growth

Pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and harmful chemicals make your hair weak, which causes it to eventually lose its shine and volume. And what could be worse than running your fingers through your hair and actually feeling the loss in its density? We know that you would do anything to make sure your hair look fabulous, but what is best for your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be something complicated or elaborate. It can be something as simple as oiling your hair, and using the right shampoo and conditioner. Sounds simple doesn’t it? This is exactly what Kaya Vital Volume Range is for; it’s a three step approach to getting the thick, luscious hair you’ve always wanted. 

Kaya Root Energizing Oils

You know the importance of oiling your hair, but using the correct oil for your problem is essential. The Kaya Root Energizing Oil is the best oil for hair growth and thickness, because it contains the three essential oils- Macadamia, Olive & Avocado oil, which give your hair the nourishment it needs to strengthen it from the roots. Let your scalp get nourished with this oil for at least 30 minutes before washing it off.

Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo

After applying oil, it’s important to wash it off gently without being too harsh on your scalp and hair. The Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo is the perfect hair thickening shampoo, as it is enriched with Superfoods that strengthen each hair follicle and clears dirt from your scalp, making it healthy and bouncy.

Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque

The last step is to moisturise your hair to make it soft and nourished. The Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque is made with natural ingredients which revitalizes your hair, and gives a fuller look to flat looking hair. This masque is made up of a mild formula, which gives you strong and healthy hair.

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