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Kaya's Solution To Dry Elbows And Cracked Heels This Winter

Kaya's Solution To Dry Elbows And Cracked Heels This Winter

In winter, because of the low humidity, there are chances your skin will get dryer than it already is. When it’s cold, it’s easy to hide the scaly skin around your elbows and heels particularly, by wearing long sleeves and covered shoes. But since winter is ending, it’s time to concentrate on these issues before it gets worse. After all cracked heels and dry elbows are not just superficial problems, but they can also cause pain and infections.

What Happens To Your Elbows and Heels

The first sign is, it will become hard and rough to touch. Since it doesn’t cause too much discomfort, most people don’t do anything to treat it immediately. Then, due to the dryness, your skin will start peeling off around your heels and elbows. After this it might start getting worse by forming cracks and getting itchy. If it gets acute, it can lead to bleeding from the cracks because of hard and dry skin.

How To Treat It

1. Remove Dirt

First, wash off all the dirt from your skin, as it can easily get into the cracks and cause further problems and infections.

2. Use A Scrub

It’s important to exfoliate the area without further damaging the skin. For this, you should use a soft scrub to try to remove the dead skin, as exfoliating too hard can cause more moisture to be lost from your skin.

3. Soak In Warm Water

Relax your feet by soaking them in warm water. For your elbows, take a towel and moisten it with warm water, then put it on your elbows for about 20 minutes. This will help soften the skin a little.

4. Moisturise It

It is important to immediately moisturise your skin after this. Use Kaya Deep Nourish Elbow And Foot Cream to treat scaly and sore skin. It contains Shea Butter and coconut oil which help heal and soften the dry skin. It even treats corns and calluses.   

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