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Kaya's Solution For Thinning Hair In Women


Women are usually on a constant quest to know about thinning hair. With the stressed lifestyles, inadequate sleep, inconsistent diet and the pollution every day, losing hair is a grim reality. The other causes of thin hair include aging of scalp over time, gradual damage to hair follicles due to hormonal action or genetic predilection. As hair is the most prominent aspect of our face, it is an integral part of our beauty. And so we all want hair that is shiny, voluminous and beautiful. So to protect your hair from the various factors mentioned above and to restore its luster and life back, contact an experienced hair doctor at Kaya, the Skin and Hair Expert, to get the treatment best suited for your hair.

Kaya’s Solution

Hair fall and thinning require correct diagnosis, precise customized solutions and continuous care and maintenance. All this is provided in a new holistic system by Kaya called the Targeted Root Regen System. Designed by expert Dermatologists, it comprises of specialized services that deliver vital nutrients and growth factors right where it matters – at the hair root. It comprises of wide range of effective solutions as compared to other hair treatments because it helps target different hair fall and thinning conditions across women. It specifically helps women who experience diffused hair shedding throughout the scalp, especially around the parting of hair.

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