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Kaya's Road To Even Looking Skin

Kaya's Road To Even Looking Skin

Having an uneven skin tone can be annoying. Even after doing everything right the marks and tan line on your skin tell a different story. Concealing it up with makeup is a temporary solution. Even then they are never completely hidden. And at the end of the day your skin is not the way you would like it to be. Pigmentation issues are common and often hard to get rid of.

Reasons For Having An Uneven Skin Tone

1. Harmful Sun Rays

The sun and your skin are at a constant battle against each other. Your skin produces melanin to fight against the harmful UV rays, which causes dark spots to occur leaving your skin uneven.

2. Hormonal Changes

In certain cases when there are changes in your hormonal levels, that leads to hyperpigmentation, which causes dark patches of skin to be formed.  Acne is also caused due to the hormones, and sometimes they tend to leave marks behind.

3. Pollution

With the increasing concerns about the pollution in the air, you have to also worry about how it affects your skin. The dirt and grime in the air enters your skin pores causing dark spots on it.

The Kaya Instant Clarity Laser for pigmentation is a great solution to your uneven looking skin. The Q-Switched Laser targets the dark spots with an invisible beam of light, giving you an even toned skin. To know more about the benefits of this laser keep reading.

1. Works From Within

Unlike normal products, the instant clarity laser reaches the inner layer of your skin also known as the dermis, and removes the root of the problem thus preventing it from reoccurring.

2. Treats Multiple Issues

Dark spots, tanning and other marks are all cause due to different reasons. But this laser treatment targets all the above mentioned reasons for pigmentation.

3. Gives You An Even Skin

There are a lot of pigmentation treatments, but the instant clarity laser gives you an even and smooth skin.

The best part about this laser is it takes only 15 minutes per session and there is no downtime so you can get back to your daily routine immediately.

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