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Kaya Hair Products That Are Paraben-Free

Kaya Hair Products That Are Paraben-Free

With the increase in general awareness, it’s surprising that very few people know about the ill effects of using products with Paraben in them. Paraben is a chemical substance which has been used since decades as a preservative. It is extremely harmful in a lot of ways.

Kaya’s Root Regan Products like the Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo are Paraben free. The efforts that are put into making sure your hair is healthy are nullified when you use products with Paraben in them.

Side Effects Of Hair Products With Paraben

This chemical substance is not found in your body naturally, which is why when it enters the bloodstream, it has multiple side effects.

1. It Is Harmful To The Skin

Just like you, your skin needs to breathe as well, but Paraben alters your skin texture and makes it dry and rough, this is because the skin cells start dying faster than they multiply. It even causes rashes and swellings in some cases.

2. Messes With The Oestrogen Levels

Oestrogen is responsible for the regulation of the reproductive system. Paraben disrupts this system and some studies have shown that it leads to breast cancer or male infertility.

3. Disrupts The Endocrine System

This system is responsible for the growth and development of every individual. Paraben interferes with this and also causes problems in sleeping habits and the metabolism rates in individuals. The endocrine system also deals with mental health, especially moods. Paraben adversely affects all of these factors.

4. Causes Premature Ageing

Ageing is a sensitive topic to most people. But having a chemical lead to quickening its speed is absolutely dreaded. Paraben also increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, and the harm caused by UV rays is worsened.

5. Causes Problems

While PregnancyPregnancy is a time when you are extra careful about everything that you put in your body. Paraben is the worst because once it enters the mother’s body; it makes its way into the foetus. This causes horrible problems to the baby’s endocrine system and sometimes to its immune system as well.

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