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Kaya Gives You A Permanent Hair Reduction Solution

Kaya Gives You A Permanent Hair Reduction Solution

Picking out your clothes for the day is a difficult choice that almost everyone has had to face at one point or another and more often than not, when we finally decide on a pretty dress or a pair of shorts with a sleeveless top, we realize that we haven’t gone to our monthly waxing appointment, thereby starting the whole outfit-picking process again.

That being said, most hair removal methods are quite a task to go through with on a monthly basis. The pain, the slowly increasing cost and the uncertainty of any negative skin reactions, make us debate whether or not the entire process is really worth the end result.  

Fortunately for us, in recent times, there has been a major evolution in the type of hair reduction techniques used. This evolution is present in the form of the laser hair reduction treatment. This treatment has proven to be an effective way of permanently removing unwanted body hair over a period of time.

The laser hair reduction treatment has proven to be the superior technique to be hair free due to the large number of benefits that come with getting the treatment done. Some of the benefits of the laser hair reduction treatment are as follows:

1. It is Painless

Unlike waxing, which is a painful method of hair reduction, the laser hair reduction treatment consists of a quick hot snap that moves fast over the areas that need to be treated. The laser can cover an area the size of a coin at one go which makes the entire process much quicker than that of your average salon appointment. Additionally, the dermatologist applies a cooling gel or a numbing agent to the area that needs to be treated, before the treatment starts. Therefore, being practically painless, this treatment is a much better option when compared to having your hair ripped out from the roots every month with hot wax.

2. The Treatment has Minimal to No Side Effects

The laser hair reduction treatment has very few side effects and even then, the few that have been recorded is due to extraneous factors like an inexperienced dermatologist. Moreover, these side effects never last for more than a couple days post the session. At Kaya Clinic, your treatment will be supervised by a dermatologist who is certified and experienced in his or her field.

3. Your Confidence will Increase Ten-Fold.

Good grooming is always a great way to feel confident. This permanent hair reduction solution gives one the confidence to wear whatever he or she wishes to and not feel conscious of their bodies.

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is the permanent hair reduction solution we’ve been waiting for. With the use of cutting edge technology and Nd-YAG lasers, this procedure is approved by the US FDA as being ideal for the Indian Skin and promises the desired results. Before the treatment, our certified dermatologists will conduct a thorough check-up of your skin. They will then take into account various factors such as your medical history as well as that of your family. This will be followed by a small patch test to ensure safety. After all of this is done, you will be provided with a customized treatment plan to ensure smooth, flawless skin.

So book your appointment today and achieve the smooth, hair-free skin that you’ve always wanted.

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