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Kaya Anti Dandruff Lotion Reviews

Kaya Anti Dandruff Lotion Reviews
We all know that when it comes to dandruff, flakiness is just one of the many problems. The painfully uncomfortable side-effect that accompanies it is the intense itching and red patches on the scalp. However, Kaya Anti Dandruff Lotion is an efficient formula which contains vitamin B5 and coconut oil to help improve the health of your scalp by making sure that the dandruff is unable to form. Read more to know what our customers think about this product.

Good for flaky and oily scalp

“I have a super oily scalp and to add to that, my scalp became very flaky” says Avivy, who came across this lotion 6-8 months ago and has been using it ever since. She says it has worked wonders for her, and adds “My flakiness has drastically reduced, almost gone. You can use this in two ways: either apply for 6 hours at a stretch or leave it in overnight. I prefer the latter.”  She highly recommends it to everyone out there with dandruff issues.

Love this one

Priya Gupta couldn’t help falling in love with our Anti-Dandruff lotion; she says “This works really well for my hair.” She says this lotion is perfect for her, and recommends, “it is a must try if you have dandruff problems.”

It works!

Our regular user Avani Vyas says that “it definitely works.” She has an oily and flaky scalp and tells you, “Applying this really reduced my dandruff. I would recommend leaving it in overnight rather than 6 hours. Good product!”
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