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Issues With Sensitive Skin

Issues With Sensitive Skin

Does your skin act too dramatic by causing allergic reactions round the clock? If yes, then your skin is certainly taken over by sensitivity. Sensitive skin needs extra attention as it faces all sorts of troubles. Here are some problems that people with sensitive skin commonly experience.

Issues Faced By Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin is a dryness disaster! If you have sensitive skin, it is doomed to be parched most of the times. This skin type has a weaker skin barrier which causes a rapid loss of moisture and water. This makes your skin flaky and dehydrated, longing for moisture. Cold winter blows or the scorching summer heat is another reason that majorly aggravates dryness of sensitive skin.

Acne Breakouts

Acne breakout is the most common condition that people with sensitive skin deal with. Applying just one layer of makeup is enough for it to seep into the pores and instigate an acne storm. Hormonal and environmental factors can also result in the arrival of acne. The pollutants in the environment, settling on your skin accumulate in your skin pores. If not cleaned on time, these pollutants can be the reason behind acne breakouts. Trying to treat such acne outbursts with creams and lotions, in turn has adverse effects on sensitive skin. The flaring up of acne can leave behind deep acne scars on your skin. The best way to get rid of such acne breakouts is by cleansing your face with the Kaya Sensitive Face Cleanser. This mild, soap free formula is developed to clear your face without causing dryness or irritation.


If you have sensitive skin then the sun is your greatest enemy. This skin type is susceptible to photosensitivity. In such a case, one step out in the sun without applying sunscreen, gives harmful UV rays a chance to hit sensitive skin, causing rashes or sunburn. To avoid such a situation you can protect your skin with the Kaya Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin which has a perfume free, non-greasy formula that guards your skin against the deadly UV rays of the sun.

Perfume Allergies

If the fragrance of beauty products lures you into buying them, think twice! The perfumes used in cosmetics generally contain essential oils. These oils can irritate your skin and cause extreme allergies. It is always recommended that those with sensitive skin must opt for beauty products that are perfume free.


With sensitive skin, you are bound to experience rashes and all kinds of allergic reactions. These rashes are a retaliation of your skin against the strong contents found in beauty products. Constantly cleansing your face can also make your skin prone to redness and rashes.

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