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Is Hair Thinning Genetic?


We often compare our hair to our parents’ hair. Of course it is usually very clear as to whose genes we have inherited. Sometimes we thank our lucky stars for our good genes, while the rest of the times we cannot help but complain about not getting the gene formula right. So if you suddenly start noticing patterned hair loss at a young age, blame it on your genes and hormones. Hair loss usually leads to reduction of hair volume. But thinning of individual strands of hair can also be caused by our lifestyle and habits. Have you tried to find the right answers on the internet and come up short? Not all information offered by the internet is relevant for you, so go to Kaya, the Skin and Hair Expert!

How Genes And Hormones Play A Role

Losing hair can be quite depressing to all of us but it is certainly not the end of the world. If diagnosed correctly and at the right time, you can even reverse your hair loss completely and regain hair that is as good as new. The hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), predominantly found in men, causes our hair follicles to shrink in size. As the size becomes smaller, hair strands cannot grow out of it and the follicles eventually get damaged. Most men experience first signs of hair loss with a receding hair line. A combination of genes, hormones and your scalp’s aging process will lead you to losing hair. Women often face hair thinning as they grow older. Scalp aging leads to diffused shedding of hair throughout the scalp. But women experience most hair loss in the hair partition area. To know about thinning hair in detail it is important to contact an experienced hair doctor. Kaya has just the right solution for you. With Kaya’s Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Intensive Hair Root Therapy, get hair growth tt is thicker and stronger.

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