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Importance of Toners

Importance of Toners


While cleansing your face some moisture gets stripped off. Toners help to balance the moisture by its ability to attract water from the dermis to epidermis which reduces the skin dryness.

Refresh Toners assist in removing makeup or dirt that can stick to the skin. This helps in absorbing the moisturizer you apply. Toning also refreshes your skin during the summer months when your pores get blocked due to excessive sweat.

Select a toner that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which will help refresh and calm the skin. Kaya’s Purifying Toner is an alcohol free toner formulated with Mandelic acid which gently exfoliates and helps to unclog pores. Botanical extracts of Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Rose along with skin soothing agents help to control excess sebum, tighten your pores and reduce irritation, leaving your skin comfortable and refreshed. To know more visit:

Shrink the pores

Always use a toner that has botanical extracts as it helps to tighten your pores, reducing the risk of free radicals or impurities from irritating them. It will also reduce the skin from inflammation and prevent acne.

Remove dead skin

It gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin which improves the skin brightness and also prevents hair ingrowth. Always use a toner which is alcohol free, else it might dehydrate your skin and aggravate acne.

Toners in fact help to restore the pH balance of the skin. When you cleanse your skin it removes the natural oil. Using a gentle toner helps you to achieve the balance leading to young and healthy looking skin.  

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