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Hyperpigmentation? Don’t Fear When Lemon is Here

Hyperpigmentation? Don’t Fear When Lemon is Here

Cringing as you notice dark patches, freckles and other embarrassing spots on your skin are an all too familiar experience for some. These dark patches are known as hyperpigmentation, caused due to the excessive production of melanin. These obstinate patches on your skin can make you feel dejected, as you try to figure out a cure for it. For those of you conscious about your skin, using homemade remedies to treat hyperpigmentation is a safe place to start.

Lemon is a widely recognized ingredient for many homemade remedies because of its nutritional values. It is a well-known for its antioxidant properties as well as a rich source of Vitamin C. Read on below to find out how its nutritional properties can revive your skin.

  • Vitamin C: For attaining an even skin tone Vitamin C plays a vital role. It helps to revitalize the surface of your skin, which leads to a significant improvement in hydration. This enhances your skin, and makes you appear younger.

  • Antioxidants: Free radicals which can drastically affect your skin can be fought by antioxidants. These help to prevent and repair the damages which have been caused to your tissues. The products which have incorporated antioxidants help to reduce the signs of aging. This results in enhancing your appearance by giving you a healthy looking skin.

  • Antibacterial: The antiseptic properties present in lemon helps to treat skin related problems such as pimples, acne breakout etc. It also helps to treat sunburns and eases the pain caused by bee stings. The antibacterial properties are effective in curbing skin allergies.

Lemon is also a well-known natural bleaching agent and is a common ingredient used for pigmentation treatment at home. High in Vitamin C, it helps to lighten the dark patches formed due to hyperpigmentation. It can be caused due to various reasons, and a concoction of lemon with other ingredients can help treat it. There are different types of hyperpigmentation, read on below to find out about homemade remedies to treat these pigmentations

  • Freckles: Exposure to sun and genetics play a forefront role in forming freckles. These are small patches of dark brown skin. A popular homemade remedy to treat this hyperpigmentation is to directly apply lemon slices onto the freckles. Another well-known remedy to try is a homemade lemon scrub made of lemon juice and sugar. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin, eventually lightening the darkened patches.

  • Sunspots/Age spots: This is the most common form of hyperpigmentation, caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun and ageing. To prevent sunspots, you can apply the juice of lemon onto your face 15 minutes prior to going outside, combining it with a good sunscreen also works best. Another remedy to experiment with is the combination of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, as both have natural acidic properties to lighten the skin.

  • Melasma: Pregnant women are common sufferers of Melasma. It is usually referred to as the “pregnancy mask”, and because of its butterfly like pattern it is also called the “butterfly mask”. A homemade remedy of lemon can come in handy to treat this hyperpigmentation. The practice of rubbing lemon onto the affected area for 2-3 minutes is commonly followed. You can also apply the juice of lemon on the pigmented area and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water Know more in detail about melasma treatment and it causes from experts at Kaya.

  • PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation): This form of hyperpigmentation is caused due to injury to your skin or inflammatory damage.PIH (Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation) scars are caused commonly after an acne breakout. If the breakout is highly inflamed, it leaves darker spots. This hyperpigmentation, though darker in shade, can easily be treated using lemon incorporated home remedies. If your skin is prone to acne breakouts, the easiest mantra to follow is prevention is better than cure. Due to its antibacterial properties, lemon helps to curb acne breakouts. A good remedy to treat PIH marks is a combination of lemon and honey. The bleaching properties of lemon help to lighten the marks and honey being a good moisturizer, helps to keep your skin hydrated.

Hyperpigmentation is the monster under the bed for most women. But douse all fear, as you experiment with these lemon home remedies to gain satisfactory results. 

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