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How your skin ages!

How your skin ages!

With age, skin becomes dry and rough, losing its firm, supple nature to the ravages of time. No external creams or wonder-drug can stop the ageing process. But it is possible to slow it down and keep your skin healthy for a longer time.

One of the biggest factors in skin ageing is exposure to the sun. UV rays damage the collagen and elastin present in your dermis, and affect their ability to keep your skin supple, strong and elastic. So skin sags and stretches. But South Asians, including Indians, have darker skin, which is a blessing. Melanin acts as a sunscreen and slows down the signs of ageing. Indian skin shows far fewer wrinkles than Caucasian skin.

Gravity is another culprit responsible for drooping eyebrows, eyelids and double chins. The first signs of ageing that Indian skin is prone to appear in the middle section of the face, the nasolabial folds. Baggy eyes and sagging jowls are the initial signs of ageing. Skin also loses fat below the surface to become fragile and translucent. It produces less oil, leading to dry and dull-looking skin.

Older skin, above the age of 60, has much slower cell turnover. This means that healing slows down, and skin bruises easily. As you age, the molecules of your skin are less able to absorb water and skin can become very dry, often causing age spots.

A lifetime of sun exposure, smoking and unhealthy diet hasten the process of ageing. Applying a bit of sun protection or wearing a scarf before stepping out will go a long way in keeping your skin healthier and delaying the first signs of ageing. Smokers tend to show wrinkles much sooner than non-smokers, yet another reason to kick the habit! And finally, a balanced diet of fresh fruits and veggies will keep your skin healthy, moist and hydrated. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin!

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