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How to Take Care Of Your Sensitive Skin

How to Take Care Of Your Sensitive Skin

Every individual has a typical skin type. This skin type is predominantly determined by the amount of natural oil that your skin produces. This natural oil, known as sebum, lubricates your skin and keeps it moist in dry weather. Most have a balanced production of natural oil, typified by a normal skin type. Some have oily skin, some have dry, while some have a combination of both, that is patches of skin which are oily and others parts of skin which are dry or normal. Apart from the production of skin oil, a distinct type of skin is determined by the integrity of the outer layer of skin. In certain individuals, this outer layer is fragile and easily damaged. Once the outer layer of skin is damaged, it provides easy ingress to germs and chemicals, including those present in the atmosphere and in products used daily like soaps, perfumes, creams etc. This leads to repeated skin infections, pustules, boils, rashes and allergic reactions. Such skin is labelled as sensitive skin.

As we age, the skin layers become naturally fragile, leading to sensitive skin. In other cases, sensitive skin runs in families. Some individuals have a sensitive skin from birth while others develop sensitivity later in life. Whatever the reason, we are not always able to predict who will develop a sensitive skin or when it will manifest.

How do you determine if you have a sensitive skin? One can look for tell-tale signs that can warn us that we have this condition. A lustreless skin, appearing dry and dull is one of the indicators that a person may have sensitive skin. If your skin is frequently becoming irritated, causing burning and itching, and becoming red in patches, then you should consult the experts at Kaya to determine if you have a sensitive skin. If not detected in time, repeated exposure to sensitizing chemicals leads to the skin developing a dry, cracked appearance and losing its elasticity, causing a sensation of tightness. If one has experienced any of the above conditions, one needs to consult a dermatologist. Our panel of certified dermatologists will examine you thoroughly and, if needed, test your skin.

Certain basic precautions can keep you free from problems even if you do have a dry skin. This consists of using mild soaps while washing. Avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent redness and rawness. Use products that are developed by dermatologists, which are mild and certified to be hypo-allergenic. In general, fragrances are to be avoided. Before using any product, apply it to a small patch of your skin for a period of time to determine whether it causes any reaction. Develop a habit of reading the contents of the product on its package or insert before adopting it for regular use. Substances containing dyes, fragrances, alcohol as preservative or sulphates are known to cause problems for people with sensitive skin.

Products that keep your skin moist, like those containing glycerine or hyaluronic acid may be beneficial. At Kaya, we have a range of products for your sensitive skin made with dermatological expertise.

A gentle cleansing is essential for the sensitive skin. The cleansing agent should be mild, free from soap and fragrances. Kaya’s Sensitive Face Cleanser is formulated by expert dermatologists just for this particular need. Use it regularly for washing your face to keep it glowing and bright. Our Gentle Micellar Foaming Cleanser is devoid of any substances known to irritate sensitive skin, like parabens, sulphates or fragrances. It contains aloe vera, cucumber and rose extracts that restores the balance of the skin pH in a gentle and natural way.

When you need to go outdoors, use Kaya’s Soothing Light Day Moisturizer to protect your sensitive skin from the damaging effect of the sunrays. Apart from having an SPF of 25 to protect from UVA and UVB rays, it moisturizes the skin and keeps it looking fresh.

To give an extra boost of moisturizing, which is so essential for the sensitive skin, use Kaya’s Intense Hydra Boost Night Serum. It is engineered for sensitive skin by keeping it free of paraben, sulphates and fragrances. It has Hyaluronic Acid and rose extracts that intensely hydrates and moisturizes the skin and keeps it supple and elastic.

Thus, we at Kaya, the skin experts, recognize the distinct requirements of your sensitive skin. We have dermatologically formulated products for all your needs to keep your skin glowing, supple and smooth.

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