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How to Take Care of Your Neck

How to Take Care of Your Neck

It is a common mistake we all make; we ignore our neck while taking care of the other areas of our body. In fact, it does require pampering just like the rest of the areas. The skin on the neck is delicate and is also prone to pigmentation and elasticity issues.

Neglecting neck care leads to premature aging which includes sagging of skin, appearance of wrinkles. It faces these issues quicker than your facial skin.

Here are the ways to get younger and firmer looking skin around your neck.

Exfoliate the neck area skin

Every alternate day exfoliate the skin on the neck area. It helps to speed up the regeneration process of skin cells. Also it encourages soaking up moisture from the moisturiser. ‘Kaya’s Exfoliating Rinse’ is an invigorating, non-foaming cream-based cleanser with Derma Beads that help exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. It contains Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extracts that gives you brighter, youthful skin. Visit:

Moisturize the skin around your neck

The skin around your neck has less sebaceous glands compared to your face. It is more vulnerable to dry skin and pigmentation. Use a moisturizer followed by a sunscreen, it will help you rehydrate your skin as well as prevent it from the damage of harsh sun rays. Kaya’s Sensitive Skin Sunscreen provides effective protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Its light weight and non-greasy formula hydrates the skin. Visit: to know more. Use Kaya’s Intense Hydration Body Lotion, it has Shea and Kokum Butter that restores essential oil. It has 24-hour moisture lock formula that prevents moisture loss all day long, leaving your skin soft and smooth to touch. To know more visit:

Go for regular facials

Facials play an important part of your skin-care routine because it keeps your skin supple. The massaging of the neck helps to remove fine lines and toning of the skin. It makes the skin firm. Kaya’s skin-care expert will provide the best service as per your skin type. Each Expert Beauty Facials at Kaya have been developed under the expertise of our in-house dermatologists. This can be seen in how our facials work for every skin need using the right ingredients and techniques. Moreover, these facials are performed in the most hygienic environments, by Beauty Therapists trained to offer a safe and efficacious skincare impact. To know more visit:

Neck Exercises to prevent sagging skin

Yes! Exercising your neck is also important as it prevents sagging of skin. Long hours spend looking at your laptop or your phone can lead muscle damage. Stretch your neck on regular basis. Turn your head towards left and right, as this will help you to tone your neck muscles.

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