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How to take care of dry skin

How to take care of dry skin

None of us like oily skin, hair and especially sweaty armpits. We prefer fresh and dry skin, but what about areas that can get flaky and dry? It will irritate you a lot and it is important that you treat them well. Let us have a look at the areas of concern and how to take care of them.


Especially during winter, your lips are the first that bear the brunt of cold. They get dry and chapped. At times dried lips are signs of dehydration. To prevent this always drink adequate water to repair them. Even exfoliating them on weekly basis will help to remove dead skin.

Knees Dry and rough knees always draw unwanted attention when you wear short dresses. They are prone to frequent dryness as that area does not receive enough moisture. To ensure that your legs look attractive and glowing, you need to moisturize the skin on daily basis. Use a rich moisturiser to make your legs look smooth and glowing. It will keep the skin looking healthy and prevent premature aging of the skin.


During the cold months, elbows get really dry and rough. They face lot of friction on daily basis leading thick and dry skin around it. It needs adequate pampering just like the rest of the skin. Regular exfoliation and moisturising will make it soft and prevent further damage. It is advisable to apply a rich moisturiser right after the shower. Also, before you head to bed do apply moisturiser as it helps to restore the skin faster.


Harsh winter always makes the skin around your knuckles dry and rough. They do not produce natural body oil which accelerates the dryness and premature aging of the skin. The only way to prevent dryness is to moisturize them daily. Even after you have washed your hands ensure to re-apply the moisturiser. Always apply a rich hand cream which protects your skin.

To avoid dry skin, it is best to avoid extreme hot or cold showers, avoid excessive sun exposure. Also if you swim frequently, use adequate protection such as sunscreen followed by a rich moisturiser. Also protect your hands if you wash dishes as over exposure to water and harsh chemicals also dehydrates your skin.

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