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How to prevent age spots

How to prevent age spots

Old age spots are generally not harmful in any way, so there is no therapeutic reason as such to remove them. But since they can convey a person’s age, many women and men like to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, to look young and beautiful.  

Causes of age spots

Age spots are caused by extra production of melanin. They may also be caused by skin aging, sun exposure, or other forms of ultraviolet light exposure, such as tanning beds. You are most likely to have age spots on the areas of your skin that receive the most sun exposure, including:

  • your face
  • the back of your hands
  • your shoulders
  • your forearms

  Symptoms of age spots

Age spots:

  • vary from light brown to black in colour
  • have the same smoothness as the rest of your skin
  • are painless
  • are usually on sun-exposed areas of the skin

Diagnose age spots

Your doctor will usually detect age spots by looking at your skin. If your doctor is concerned that a dark area is not an age spot, he may do a biopsy. A small piece of skin will be removed and checked for cancer or other anomalies.  

Getting rid of age spots

You can diminish, lessen or remove age spots by using a number of different methods, such as using home remedies, skin-bleaching products, OTC and prescription products, or using professional age spot skin treatments. However, if you can defend your skin from ultraviolet light, by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen – you might be able to prevent age spots and maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. But if you go out habitually for extended periods without any sunscreen, you will probably get them early in life. Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF15 not only protects your skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, but also hydrates the skin without making it feel sticky. With Ultra Bootstar rating of 5, it offers the highest possible UV-A protection against tanning and ageing due to sun exposure. Visit:

Additionally, you can also use Kaya’s Brightening Serum which contains a potent active lightening complex known to even the skin tone, lighten freckles and age spots as well as helps to reduce hyper pigmented areas. Ferulic acid and waltheria indica extracts have a regulatory effect on melanin skin pigmentation. It is clinically tested to decrease pigmentation and brighten your skin. To know more:  

Medical treatments

There are several medical treatments that can treat age spots. At Kaya, dermatologist will recommend which treatment is the most appropriate for your skin. Treatments for age spots include:

  • Laser treatment to destroy the cells that produce melanin. Kaya’s Laser Skin Re -Surfacing Treatment is the most powerful and effective form of anti-ageing laser treatment to remove unwanted brown spots, acne and surgical scars. This service uses laser technology along with a skin-cooling device to prevent any damage to your skin. It stimulates rapid healing for the outer layers of your skin and penetrates deep into the dermis, to give you new collagen naturally for a more youthful appearance. To know more visit:
  • Chemical peels to burn the outer layer of your skin, allowing new skin to grow in its place. Intense Clarity Peel (Pro-Youth) is Kaya’s unique tri-active sequential combination peel system. Suitable for all skin types, the peel helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores radiance and reveals smoother, younger-looking skin. Visit:


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