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How to look good after a late-night party?

How to look good after a late-night party?

Festivals are just around the corner, and that means there will be tiring days of fun  parties in your kitty. But in this process, do not forget to look good even after having  a crazy night of partying. A late night party really messes you and your skin up.  However it is possible to look best after a hectic night. You can still look good using  some tips and catching few Z’s.

Let us look at few ideas that will make you look good. 

Use shimmer

Want to look more alert? Opt for a great shimmer, it will give your face an instant  make over. You can find a great shimmer as there are a range of cosmetics available  in the market that can add shimmer to your look. Use eye shadows in light colours or  have a highlighting effect. To create the look, make sure you apply it in your eye’s  innermost corner as it creates an impression of eye bigger eyes. You can also use a  shimmery lip gloss for the same effect. Other tip is to line your lower eye lids with  white eyeliner. This will open up your eyes and make you look awake. It also adds  some drama to your eyes and brightens them up instantly.

Always apply an eye cream

To do away with dark circles and wrinkles, apply a good under eye cream religiously  every morning and before sleep. It will keep the area smooth and firm. It will also  make application of concealer also smoother. Also use a good concealer to cover up  dark circles. Visit:  

Use aromatherapy 

It is proven by aromatherapy that different scents have different effects on your  mood. Some scents awake your senses. Scents like peppermint, lemon or orange are  good scents to keep you on your toes. You can get these fragrances in the form of  bath oils or body washes. Use them before you head out and you will look and feel  invigorated the entire day.

Use a moisturiser

After partying all night, the skin ends up looking dehydrated and stretched. But to  help it, a good moisturiser will be required. Staying late will make your skin look  puffy and pale. Moisturiser will bring back the hydration levels back into the skin. To  make it more effective, put your moisturiser in the fridge overnight and use it the  next day. The cold moisturiser will bring back some colour on your cheeks as well as  close the stretched pores. Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream is a light moisturising  cream that reduces water loss from the skin and keeps it soft and supple and provides  vital nourishment to the skin. To know more visit: online/anytime-moisturizing-cream

Use concealer

Dark circles and puffy eyes are signs of many sleepless nights. The best way to hide  both is to use a good concealer. Apply some concealer on your nose and between the  eyebrows, as they turn red due to lack of sleep. Use Kaya’s Complexion Perfector  Cream, a one-step solution to give your skin instant coverage and even skin tone with  a perfect make-up finish. Kaya’s CC cream is specially formulated after careful  research and development by dermatologists to suit all skin types and give you all in  one skin benefits. The CC cream instantly blurs imperfections, reduces fine lines and  gives your skin a smooth finish. Visit:

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