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How to keep body odour away

How to keep body odour away
  • Stay clean

Most of your sweat is released through the eccrine glands which are located all over the body and through apocrine glands that are located in the armpits. The sweat produced from apocrine glands cause body odour. So it is essential that after a rigorous workout you have a proper bath or else you will end up having a bad odour. Use a medicated soap to wash of the sweat thoroughly. If you sweat a lot, ensure you bathe twice a day. It will help get rid of the bacteria that aggravates body odour.

  • Stay calm

Keep a check on your emotions as anxiety or excessive stress can make you sweat profusely. This can lead to overactive sweat glands and increase the chances of body odour. Try to keep cool under stressful situations.

  • Wear clean clothes

Clothes covered in sweat will stink after a day. The t-shirt you wore last week is going to stink of your body odour if it has not been for a proper wash. Even a jacket will have some residue of your sweat and over a period the smell might be too strong to bear. So always wash your clothes regularly and ensure you have a fresh set of clothes on daily basis.

  • Be careful about your diet

Avoid eating spicy food and food that is high in sulphur. Onions and garlic are high in sulphur which will add to bad body odour. Eating hot chillies can also make you sweat a lot. So avoid these foods when you have a meeting with a client. Also avoid caffeinated drinks and aerated water.

  • Wear clothes made up of natural fibres

To keep your body cool and your skin dry, opt for clothes that are made up of natural fibres. Clothes made up of cotton and linen allow your skin to breathe and keep away the bacteria that cause body odour.

  • Keep your feet clean

Yes, even feet sweat and can produce bad odour. Your shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Always wash your feet and dust them with a good talcum powder. Keep your feet dry.

  • Avoid smoking

Smoking can create bad toxins in your body leading to bad body odour. So it will be a wise choice to quit smoking as soon as possible. You will have a healthier body too.

  • Hydrate

At times not drinking enough water can cause bad body odour. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Not only will it get rid of bad body odour but also it will help you to have a healthy skin.   ·              

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