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How To Increase Your Hair Volume

How To Increase Your Hair Volume

Who wouldn’t want bouncy, lustrous tresses that look healthy and voluminous? And we wouldn’t blame you if you said ‘Aye!’ to that question! After all, your hair is your ‘crowning glory’ for a reason and having voluminous hair is definitely something that everyone wishes to have. So if you’re struggling with thin hair or simply want to add more volume to your hair, you should read on to find out more.

Reduce the use of heat

Regular usage of heat styling might seem like a great option when you want your hair to look good. But in the long run, this is going to fry your tresses and make them limp and lifeless. Although it might be difficult to shun heat styling completely, it will only do good for your hair!

Use the right hair oil

You have probably heard this tale from your grandmom already, but trust us when we say this, regular oiling is something your hair needs. When you oil your hair, you massage the scalp, which increases blood circulation and encourages hair growth. But you need to make sure to pick the right hair oil, like Kaya Root Energizing Oil which is enriched with three exotic oils of Macadamia, Olive & Avocado. It helps strengthen hair to give you a healthier and fuller looking head of hair. It also reduces hair fall. Its lightweight texture makes it ideal for regular usage!

Picking the ideal shampoo

Once you’ve picked the right oil, you also need a shampoo which isn’t too abrasive on your hair. This is where Kaya Intense Volumizing Shampoo comes to your rescue. It is a mild cleanser enriched with superfoods like rice proteins and fruit extracts. The result? Noticeable, thicker and bouncy hair which is full of volume! 

Go that extra mile and treat your hair with Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque. It works to give you denser-looking hair and has a mild formula fortified with fruit extracts. Ideal way to deal with limp and lifeless hair!

Now that you know ways to increase your hair volume, make sure to check out the 1 Step To Fight Hair Loss For Good.

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