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How To Get Your Make-up Right This Monsoon

How To Get Your Make-up Right This Monsoon

However, using the appropriate monsoon makeup, you can continue being the gorgeous diva that you are! Let us discuss a few makeup tips to get the right makeup this season.

  • Before you apply makeup, make sure that all your tools and brushes are dirt-free and dry. Also, avoid sharing your makeup products and accessories as it may lead to severe skin infections.


  • Though a foundation may not be required, primer is a must for monsoon makeup. Pick a matte-finish primer to shield your makeup from humidity, over secretion of sebum and oxidation. If you have to use foundation, choose a matte one so that you can make your makeup stay longer than it does currently.


  • Be consistent with threading your eyebrows during monsoon. But avoid shaping them with eyebrow pencils. Preferably, brush them by using a small amount of hair gel. If you love to use fake eyelashes, make sure you have waterproof glue.


  • Rains can completely spoil your eye makeup. So, it is suggested that you avoid using kohl and opt for only water-resistant eye liners. As an alternative to cream-based eye shadows, select the powder ones to accentuate your eyes. Pastel shades like beige, brown, etc. are good for this time. Your mascara should also be waterproof.


  • Swap your foundation with an effective quality face powder. However, ensure you apply it only for removing the oiliness of your t-zone. You should also keep some facial tissues accessible for absorbing sweat.


  • Cream blushers are the best choice for the monsoons. They are perfectly water resistant, and stay together, even when you get soaked. Choose brown or peach blush depending on your mood and keep it light.


  • Upbeat and luscious lips are great to balance the translucent eye makeup of monsoon. Go for crème matte shades which have a long-lasting look as they are very stress-free to maintain throughout the day.

To avoid suffering skin complications, make sure that you remove all your makeup before you head to bed. Use a good cleanser to cleanse the pores, Kaya’s Purifying Cleanser gently cleanses the pores from deep within, it removes excess oil, dirt and impurities. It contains Salicylic Acid with acne fighting properties that help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts. Visit to know more.

We also suggest that you use a good moisturiser post cleansing to hydrate the skin. Kaya’s Purifying Nourisher which is enriched with Aloe Vera hydrates your skin making it soft and supple. This light non greasy formula does not clog your pores and gets easily absorbed into the skin. To know more visit:

This monsoon, keep these spectacular tips in mind to protect your makeup from melting away and have a fun-filled and beautiful monsoon.

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