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How To Get Voluminous And Bouncy Hair

How To Get Voluminous And Bouncy Hair

Don’t we all adore those models who keep flaunting their long, voluminous hair in hair product ads? The perfect bounce, volume and shine, everything about their hair is worth wishing for, isn’t it? And then when we snap out of these dreamy hair expectations, reality gives a call by showering hair problems like frizz, flat and limp hair on you!

If you’re busy tackling these hair troubles, here’s your chance to achieve that dreamy look you’ve been wishing to don with voluminous and bouncy hair.

We are here to unveil the best solution that will help in giving the perfect volume and bounce to your hair. By the way, this solution is your saving grace to damaged hair!

Why Does Your Hair Become Brittle And Limp?

Combing Wet Hair

Have you ever wondered why your comb collects more hair if you brush your hair right after a wash? Your hair is in its most fragile stage when it is wet, as the protein bonds formed in your hair become weak after a hair wash. If you try combing your hair at such a time, your hair gets stretched and contorted from the cuticle, causing breakage. Combing wet hair is the main reason that makes your hair limp and brittle.

Seasonal Changes

Who would have thought that a seasonal change could directly impact the health of one’s hair? But yes, that’s true! While we all know winter is the time when our hair becomes dry and brittle, summer, too, can have a devastating effect on your hair. The extreme heat and humidity during summertime can wreak a havoc on your hair and cause it to become parched and limp. While winter and summer give it their best shot to damage your hair, monsoons are no less. The season of monsoon is synonymous to bad hair days. This weather during the monsoon does nothing but making your hair even more frizzy.

Excessive Heat Styling

Be it a weekend trip with your friends or a close knit family function, don’t we all love to flaunt a new  look with every occasion? If you too have been transforming the look of your hair with excessive heat styling, that’s exactly why your hair is becoming rigid and thin. Using too much heat on your hair can not only give your hair a rough texture causing hair breakage!

Hormonal Changes

If you’re losing out on your hair volume, your hormonal changes can share the blame! A fluctuation in the estrogen levels is the major reason that leads to hair thinning and hair loss in women. Although hormonal changes cannot be controlled completely, maintaining a healthy diet can stabilize the level of hormones, avoiding major fluctuations.

How To Get Voluminous And Bouncy Hair?

It may sound easy but maintaining the health of your hair and making them voluminous and bouncy is not an easy job! But with a hair expert by your side, nothing is impossible! To give your tired and flat tresses a makeover, the expert dermatologists at Kaya have specially designed the Volume Enhance & Energise Ritual which infuses moisture, softness and volume to your limp hair, making them look lustrous and bouncy. This ritual is a melange of two shampoos and two deep conditioning creams. The first cleanser comes with a gentle sulphate free formula that helps detoxify your hair while the second cleanser is enriched with green coffee and micro algae that stimulate the scalp and boost circulation. This ritual includes a fusion of natural extracts that revitalize your hair and make them thicker. Isn’t this soothing ritual a must do for your hair?

Be it hair thinning or rigid hair, you can also opt for the Kaya Vital Volume Range to enjoy voluminous and bouncy hair. With this three step ritual that consists of a shampoo, masque and oil, getting voluminous and bouncy hair is as easy as never before!

Is your hair experiencing too much breakage? Here is the best way to protect your hair from breakage.

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