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How to get strobing right?

How to get strobing right?

You must have seen celebrities with dewy skin, chiselled jawlines, cheekbones and perfect pouty lips. All of these are achieved by strobing. This technique is easy to master. It is all about highlighting the right areas on your face with your favourite highlighter.

Now before you pick your highlighter let’s understand how to get strobing right.  

Moisturise your skin To get best results out of strobing, it is advised to moisturise your skin before you apply any make up. It will add to the perfect glow. Apply a good moisturiser that will hydrate your dull skin. Apply it few minutes before you apply your make up. Allow the skin to soak it up. If you apply make-up on dry skin it will make your skin look even more dry and flaky. Kaya’s Skin Awakening Gel moisturizes dull and dry skin. The potent complexion booster formula contains encapsulated vitamins B3, B5, A, C & E that immediately melts on contact with the skin and help banish dullness, rejuvenate your skin to reveal a new radiance with this wonderful product. Visit

Choose the correct highlighter

Pick a highlighter that complements your skin tone. You just have to add sheen to your skin and not look like a frosted cupcake. If you have a fair skin, opt for highlighter in champagne tones. Pink champagne coloured highlighter will do justice to light-medium skin tones. If you are blessed with olive coloured skin, choose a highlighter that has golden tones. Highlighter in terracotta tones is best suited for people with dark skin.

Try being a natural

Use highlighter only on the areas that catch light, like your cheekbones, temples (sides of forehead), bridge of your nose, and above your cupids bow. Also, you need not use the highlighter on all the above mentioned areas. Stick to one or two areas else you will end up having a greasy mess on your face.

The technique

Moisturise your skin with Kaya’s Skin Awakening Gel. Then apply Kaya’s Complexion Perfector Cream to give your skin instant coverage and even skin tone with a perfect make-up finish. The CC cream instantly blurs imperfections, reduces fine lines and gives your skin a smooth finish. Visit: to know more.

Apply your favourite blush across your cheeks. Choose your favourite highlighter and dab a bit of it on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and chin. To blend it in, use your finger or a make-up sponge.

Irrespective of your skin type, we suggest using liquid and cream highlighters over powdered ones. They blend in easier and look natural. Do share your make-up tips with us! Happy Strobing!

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