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How To Get Rid Of Your Taxing Waxing Routine

How To Get Rid Of Your Taxing Waxing Routine

Are you still stuck in your monthly cycle of going to the parlour every 20 days in order to get rid of body and facial hair? This routine is not only exhaustive but also extremely time consuming and taxing. What if we told you laser hair removal is the way to get rid of this routine once and for all? Read on to find out how. The fourth reason is going to definitely convince you to say goodbye to waxing!

Long Term Solution

Wouldn’t you rather have the option to be hair free for longer than keep re-visiting the parlour every now and then? We’re sure you’d love to have that option. Luckily with Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch –Laser Hair Removal you do! It’s a long term solution to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair.

Extremely Hygienic Option

Isn’t it unhygienic to be sharing the same waxing space with so many strangers? Well, that is another thing you can say goodbye to with laser hair removal treatment. At Kaya we hold high regards towards hygiene and ensure that at every session. We follow a stringent etiquette to give you the best experience, where we have a separate room for each customer, so that you don’t have to worry about your privacy or unhygienic conditions.

No Pesky Ingrowth

Unfortunately, waxing does not take care of ingrown hair, which is an annoyance since it not only looks bad but also leads to bumps on the skin. Kaya’s laser hair removal gives you smooth skin devoid of any ingrowth so that you can wear whatever you wish to without having to worry about the pesky ingrown hair!


If you think to yourself ‘waxing is affordable’ you need to stop and do a double check. In a lifetime you spend way more on waxing than you would on laser hair removal sessions to permanently get rid of your hair. Think we’re bluffing? Use this calculator and find out how much you would spend on waxing in a lifetime!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your waxing routine, click here and book an appointment with Kaya, the skin and hair expert today.

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