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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots In 7 Days

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots In 7 Days

Have to go to a wedding in a week’s time, but have dark spots on your face? Now keep your worrying at bay as we give you the best treatment to remove dark spots in just 7 days. Follow the regime and a week from now, you will have bright skin again! Say hello to beautiful and even skin this winter with Kaya.

Why Do Dark Spots Occur?

Dark spots in the skin are caused by excessive production of melanin pigment, found naturally, in our skin. The production of this pigment is activated due to multiple reasons like exposure of skin to UV rays, hormonal imbalance, skin aging, stress and bad diet. Pigmentation on face is most prominent and should be treated with only the best treatment.

The 7 Day Remedy

Pigmentation removal can take a lot of time usually, but we give you the best hyperpigmentation treatment regime that will leave your skin as bright as the day in just 7 days.

Kaya Brightening Day Cream

Kaya Brightening Day Cream fights free radicals to improve skin texture. It comes with SPF 15 that protects our skin from UV rays. Just a pea sized amount of this light textured cream will leave your skin brighter and softer in 7 days.

Kaya Brightening Night Cream

Kaya Brightening Night Cream works on your skin at night resulting in visibly soft, fresh and luminous skin. The antioxidant properties make your skin tone even. The light-weight formula gets quickly absorbed and leaves behind a matte effect. Get rid of pigmentation in just 7 days.

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