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How To Get Gorgeous Hair Like A Celebrity

How To Get Gorgeous Hair Like A Celebrity

Have your favourite celebrities walking the red carpet, left you wondering how they manage to look so flawless? An elegant outfit, well-done makeup but most importantly, dense lustrous hair! It seems as though flaunting such glamorous hair is impossible without hiring expensive hair stylists! Burst this delusive bubble of yours as we are here with some easy tips and tricks that will give your hair a chic makeover.

A Healthy Diet

Yes! Although we keep getting new beauty hacks for you, this one’s going to be our constant! With beauty, comes a lot of maintenance! Getting gorgeous hair can only be possible if the diet you are consuming is healthy. A balanced diet with the right mix of protein, iron, and other nutrients strengthens the hair right from the roots, giving them the natural lustre and bounce.

Deep Conditioning

Although shampooing and oiling is good for your hair, deep conditioning it is the most crucial part of any beauty regimen. A hair masque is one such asset that goes deeper into the hair follicles and starts the process of damage control. The Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Masque, designed to impart manageability, shine and smoothness is all you need to give your hair a celeb-like finish.

Hair Treatments For Maintaining Long Term Hair Health

Like skin even your hair needs continuous maintenance and care. While you cover all the bases with regard to daily concerns with the right product regime, it is important to have a hair ritual to ensure restore and maintenance of your most precious jewel to its healthiest best.

Designed by the dermatologists at Kaya, the Kaya Volume Enhance & Energise Ritual infuses moisture, softness and volume to your flat limp hair making them look lustrous and bouncy.

This expert Ritual gives a fusion of natural extracts like hibiscus flowers & tamarind to your hair making them bouncy, soft and voluminous.

Kaya’s expert Hair Rituals are specially designed for every unique hair need and hair type. Experience them at your nearest Kaya clinic today to maintain your crowning glory.

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