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How to deal with PMS


We have listed down few suggestions for you to ease out the discomfort caused by PMS.




Keep yourself active; indulge yourself in light aerobics to thirty minutes of brisk walking. You can try jogging, swimming or even dancing. It will keep anxiety and depression away during PMS. It will help to uplift your mood and beat the stress away. Being active will help you manage your weight as well. Exercise reduces cortisol, the stress hormone and releases beta-endorphins which will make you happy. It will also reduce cramps.


Quit smoking


Smoking aggravates PMS symptoms as it dehydrates your body leading to severe cramping. It is advisable that you quit smoking to alleviate the symptoms of PMS. Not smoking does have additional health benefits.


Have healthier diet


Increase your intake of fruits, leafy vegetables and pulses. Take a stock of intake on sugar, fat, salt and artificial sweeteners and cut it down. A healthy diet will not help you during periods but throughout the month. Cut down on salt as it will help you to deal with bloating.


Cut down on alcohol and caffeine


To avoid having a roller-coaster ride of mood swings, reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine.  If possible avoid having chocolate during your periods. You may have strong cravings for chocolate and alcohol but reduce the intake.




Try to beat stress by doing yoga, meditation or having a massage. It will help to soothe the cramps during these days. Go for relaxation techniques that you are comfortable with. Research says that even acupuncture helps you to ease the symptoms of PMS.


Take medications


If the symptoms prevent you from indulging in daily activities, it is best seeking the help of your family doctor. You should take supplements like magnesium, vitamin B or multivitamins. It will improve your metabolism and also help to deal with hormonal imbalance.


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