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How To Combat Hair Loss In Your 20s.

How To Combat Hair Loss In Your 20s.

Your 20s are your age to explore and go wild. Being at the prime of your youth, beautiful skin and glorious hair come naturally. But finding those stray strands of hair everywhere around you can be a total buzz-kill. We tell you how to stop hair fall with Kaya.

Reasons For Hair Loss

The primary hair fall reasons include bad diet, over-experimentation with hair products and hormonal imbalance. While we have limited control over our hormones, we can surely improve our diet chart and go slow with the product experimentation. 

How To Check If You Have A Hair Loss Problem

Our head normally loses around 100 hair strands on an average every day. After every hair growth cycle, the fully grown hair naturally shed to give way to form new and healthier hair strands. But if this number increases drastically, or if you get a few strands on fingers every time you brush your hand through your hair then you can know you have a hair loss problem.

The Best Solution For A Hair Loss Problem

At such a young age, naturally growing back those lost hair strands is easy. The Kaya Hair Health Boost System energizes and nourishes the hair root to help promote fuller and denser hair. It also helps prevent hair fall through sebum regulating and scalp anti-aging properties. The therapy addresses dull, limp and breakage prone hair through shaft strengthening and volumnizing effects. It also contains an application to deliver instant shine and smoothening of the hair! So enjoy your 20s without having the fear of hair fall! 

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