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How To Choose The Right Hair Products

How To Choose The Right Hair Products

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right hair product for yourself? With the innumerable choices available today, you are bound to get confused. Knowing your hair type and hair condition is important before investing in a hair care product. We tell you how to choose the best hair care products suitable to your hair type and condition.

For Dry, Rough and Damaged Hair

Have hair that is rough, lifeless and dry? Avoid using clarifying shampoos as they will rid your scalp of the essential oils as well, leaving your already dry hair, drier. Use shampoos that are high on natural oils and natural extracts to retain the moisture in the scalp. Oil your hair regularly for added moisture and condition your hair shaft properly to get smooth, healthy hair.

For Wispy And Thin Hair

If you have hair that is wispy and thin, using light weight shampoos and conditioners is important. Avoid using heavy hair serums and heavy oils as they will make your hair look oily and limp. Using volumising products will help in adding the extra volume so that your hair obeys the rules of gravity and stays in place.

For Oily And Limp Hair

A person having oily and limp hair often falls in the habit of washing hair every day. But as much as our weather and pollution demands out of our hair, it is best if hair wash every day can be avoided. Use clarifying shampoos and lightweight hair oils and serums for your hair. So that your natural oil levels are balanced to give you beautiful lively hair.

Best Products For Good Hair Maintenance

A solution for all these hair types is the Kaya Root Regen System. It contains products made out of a unique blend of natural ingredients. Giving your hair the supple, natural shine it deserves. This system repairs hair and restores softness and stimulates hair roots to make them stronger. It is known to reduce hair fall up to 2 times to give you a thick, voluminous mane.

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