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How to choose the best makeup products to hide pigmentation

How to choose the best makeup products to hide pigmentation

In this day and age—with the lifestyle we lead—maintaining a glowy complexion can be a daunting task indeed.

Many people upgrade their habits to improve their appearance holistically, while some others take help of professional skin care treatments. If you need a quick fix, playing around with different makeup products can help you quickly achieve the look you want.

Finding the right products that suit your skin and accentuate your features, without making you look cakey or superficial, is crucial. Let’s take a look at what you need to look for in pigmentation camouflaging products, so you can step out with gorgeous-looking skin.


Primer is, undoubtedly, the most neglected part of a makeup routine. Unlike the old products that could only hold the makeup in place or hydrate the skin, today’s primers help you cover up blemishes, acnes, scars, and other pigmented patches on the face. They give your face a temporary lift without wearing it down.

You can go with primers that have SPF content, smooth texture, and a tone lighter than your skin.


Colour correctors help neutralise pigmented spots on your face, helping them matching with the tone of the surrounding skin. For instance, if you’ve got zits or other red-coloured spots, you can use a green-coloured corrector to cover the area.

Layer it with a CC cream or foundation to get a flawless look. You can do the same when you cover your dark circles with orange, peach, or yellow coloured correctors. If you have a sallow complexion, you can go with a purple-tinted corrector.


What people tend to get wrong with concealers is that they get a tone or two lighter than their normal facial skin tone. This makes the face look pale, and dark circles appear greyer. Depending upon the coverage you need, you can go with high, medium, and low coverage type of concealers.

Stick to creamy textures; they are easy to blend with your skin. If these spots aren’t easily disguisable, you can use a colour corrector to neutralise them.


Depending on the look you’re going for, you can get foundations that offer either sheer or heavy-duty coverage.

If you don’t have major pigmentation issues, you can go with a sheer foundation; this gives your look an even finish, and highlights your features. Heavy coverage is your go-to tool when you don’t have any time to use correctors or concealers. Simply take a drop of foundation and rub it across your face gently.

Avoid using excess products so that they don’t look cakey or form creases on your face. To keep the look natural, use the right tone of the product, and product-appropriate brushes.

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