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How to boost energy through the day?

How to boost energy through the day?

Here are some tips on avoiding that afternoon slump and keeping your energy levels up all day.

Eat a healthy breakfast

For starters, treat your body right as soon as it gets up. Fuel it with enough energy in the morning for it to help sustain you throughout the day. Keep your first meal of the day balanced with healthy carbs, lean proteins, fruits and veggies. Avoid those sugary treats like doughnuts and muffins, because while they might spike your sugar levels for the time being, you’ll hit a low later on in the day, maybe even before a big presentation.  

Carry and snack on energy bites

While eating 3 balanced meals is very important, sometimes you can’t help but feel low on energy before or after a normal meal. Instead of eating HUGE meals, eat something moderately sized every 3-4 hours. This way it will be easy to keep a check on your energy levels. Keep nuts, yoghurt, fruits and small pieces of dark chocolate handy for that instant energy pick-me-up.  

Drink up

No, not those artificially sweetened drinks, but water! A cold glass of water can boost your metabolism by 30 percent. Make it a point to carry a water bottle wherever you go and sip on it whenever you can. Drink water every time you eat something to keep staying hydrated easy.  

Splash cold water on your face

When you’re not drinking cold water, splash it on your face to wake yourself up, feel cleaner and keep the energy up all day.  

Take power naps

We approve of taking a 15-20 minute nap right after your afternoon meal. Anything less won’t be effective and anything more could make you more tired. A power nap will help you regain some energy, won’t leave you groggy and you will still be able to sleep at night.

Rest your brain when it feels like it can’t work anymore. If not, time to sleep; sometimes your brain just needs to nap. Distract yourself, observe your breathing and rest your head.  

Pump it

There is nothing like a favourite tune or some energetic music to get your energy levels up. Have a little fun when you need a break, dance it off for a couple of minutes, and come back to your work feeling refreshed.  


30 minutes of exercise a day is all it takes to keep your energy levels up. Work out in the morning to start off your day pumped and keep it that way till you hit the sack at night. If that’s not possible, try some quick sets of easy exercises at your cubicle or when you’re taking a break. Jumping jacks, squats and push-ups are great energy boosters.  

Stop the multi-tasking

The more you do at once, the sooner you’ll burn out. Try the multi-tasking in the morning and as the day progresses; handle one job at a time to maintain focus and energy levels.

Make a few small changes in your daily routine and challenge exhaustion. Your energy levels will vary from day-to-day and time-to-time, but with a little nudge from your side, there is so much you can do to make sure they never hit a low. Listen to your body to make it feel good. When it’s asking you for some energy, give it some. Remember when you feel good, you will automatically look good. Take a break, eat something, breath. And start all over.

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