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How to Achieve a Balanced Skin Tone All Year Round?

How to Achieve a Balanced Skin Tone All Year Round?

Everyone’s skin is unique; so you will have to put in some extra efforts to figure out which skin care routine works best for you. However, there are a few things that will benefit everyone’s complexion.

Try these few tips listed below and no matter what your skin type, you will see an improvement!

Hydrate your skin: Inside and out

Using a luxuriant moisturizer can be really helpful since it takes longer for the product to absorb into the skin. This helps to deeply cleanse the skin and remove dirt effectively from the pores which in turn helps the skin from drying out. Kaya’s Intense Hydration Body Lotion has moisture lock formula which keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours without re-application. Shea and Kokum butter replenishes and restores essential oils to dry parts of the skin.Visit: to know more.

To keep your skin plump, use a light moisturizer during the day. It minimizes wrinkles and other flaws in the skin. Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream is a light moisturizing cream with Jojoba Oil that minimizes water loss from the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It provides essential nourishment to the skin. Check: for information.

Additionally, it is vital to drink plenty of water, especially if you work in a climate-controlled area. Your skin needs moisture and climate-controlled rooms do not offer sufficient moisture to your skin. Drink lots of water or sip on green tea – they are good for clear complexions.

Avoid using soap

Not using soap might sound weird because we all want clean faces but abstain from using soap on your face. They are very damaging for your skin, and, disturb the natural pH of the skin which leads to breakouts and many other issues. Most soap bars strip the skin of natural oils. While oily skin is not ideal, some oil is essential for healthy and clear skin. By stripping the oil away, you will only aggravate your skin problems! Opt for a gentle cleanser instead, preferably one without harsh chemicals. Kaya’s Creamy Exfoliating Rinse, enriched with botanical extracts of exquisite Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry along with derma-beads. This care woven formula in the rinse helps stimulate skin’s natural renewal process. To know more visit:

Avoid too much of Sun

Most of us enjoy spending time outside on clear and sunny days. However, the sun’s rays can damage your skin considerably. Your skin can face damages such as sunburn and peeling. Also, you can develop sun spots and suffer premature aging. If you want a clear complexion, the sun is not your best buddy! It is imperative to wear sunscreen every day, even on the not-so-sunny days. Kaya’s Sweat Proof Sunscreen SPF30+ is water and sweat resistant, delivering up to 8 hour broad spectrum protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Check: to know more.

Besides these suggestions, eat healthy and have a good exercise regime to detoxify your skin. It will help you have a well-balanced skin throughout the year.

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