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How to accessorize

How to accessorize


The good thing about accessories is that they can be tailored and used as per your requirement and can be mixed and matched. Earrings, shoes, handbags, hairbands, brooches, all kinds of jewellery, belts, scarves etc. are different forms of accessory for you to pick from.

Let see how to get it right for you.

Do not over-accessorize

Avoid wearing all the pieces of jewellery together. Either wear a pair of earrings with bracelet or wear a heavy neck piece and a ring. It will be too much of a bling for you to wear.

Wear long necklaces

They are really in trend and go with casual as well as dressy outfits. Plus they create the illusion of making you look leaner and taller. But be careful to wear only one and not too many of them together.

Create a balance

If you are wearing a slinky outfit or one which drapes your body well, pick accessories that are bit chunkier in size. Opt for big earrings or a big hand bag. If your dress is going to be full of volume, hold back your accessories. Go for delicate jewellery and a small clutch.

Spruce up the basic outfit

You can create magic by just wearing a necklace around your boring tee. Wear bright coloured flats to add some colour. A bright coloured belt around your regular jeans is good to go as well.

Avoid matching too much

Try not to match all your accessories to the colour of your outfit. Opt for contrasting shades in your accessories. Add a pop of colour to spice up a pastel coloured top or dress. Just keep in mind that you need to select accessories that will complement your outfit.  

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