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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last Is It Permanent?

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last Is It Permanent?

You may be a spontaneous person who loves making impromptu plans. A sudden trip to the beach or spontaneous plans for brunch where you want to take stunning pictures in that new dress - sounds like a fantastic way to live life to the fullest. But your body hair may not be as spontaneous as you. So, while you are plucking, waxing, and shaving, that laser hair removal that you have heard so much about pops in your head. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be at your best anytime, any day?  

The biggest question that surrounds this procedure is - is laser hair removal permanent?  

Let’s find out!  

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure wherein a concentrated beam of light is used to remove unwanted hair from a chosen body part. The concentrated light is converted to heat, which, in essence, damages the hair follicles in the skin. Laser hair reduction is safe for all skin types and body parts. Some common body parts people prefer to do the procedure on are: armpits, bikini area, upper lip, chin, and legs. You can also get laser hair reduction done for full body.  

Once you decide to get a laser hair reduction, make sure to consult a dermatologist and get this procedure done under dermat expertise. At Kaya, the dermatologists assess the hair growth and recommend a customized solution to the client. Three important steps are followed, personalization, customization and expertise for every individual. Certified laser therapists will go through a process of understanding your skin type and hair growth. Before planning the personalized service, they will test the laser hair reduction on a small part of the skin to be sure of the service required.    

The experience of laser hair removal

Many people are often hesitant to get a permanent hair removal procedure done on their body. The minute they hear laser, they wonder about the pain levels. With advances in laser technologies, this procedure is pain-free, hassle-free and you will notice 90% less hair growth after 6-8 sessions.  For those with thicker hair, the dermatologist may recommend a higher number of sessions. Laser hair reduction gradually reduces your hair giving you long-lasting and a smooth skin. A salon service required frequent visit and gives short-term results. Conventional methods of hair removal such as waxing and shaving often lead to razor cuts or hot wax burns. With laser hair reduction, you will not experience burns, or ingrown hair and it protects your skin against pigmentation. Smaller areas like the upper lip take less time, and denser areas like your arms or legs may take a long while. For sensitive areas like your bikini line, technicians generally use an an aesthetic cream to numb the area to perform the procedure.  

Kaya uses US FDA approved Nd:Yag technology, because it is the best option for Indian skin and absolutely safe. These are considered to be gold standard treatments for laser hair reduction. Furthermore, at Kaya, you will be in the hands of expert dermatologists who ensure that your experience with laser hair reduction is safe and sound. The treatment will be performed by an expert Kaya technician and supervised by a dermatologist. The dermatologists often prepare the patient with ice before and after the actual laser treatment. The dermatologist They also stop whenever they think the patient needs a break. After the session, people generally experience some redness which disappears over the rest of the day.  


Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, and sometimes, no. But it comes very close. ‘Permanent’ hair removal is often a misnomer. Hair from the destroyed follicle will not grow back. That is, of course, permanent. If the follicle is only damaged and not fully destroyed, the hair may grow back. However, the hair will not have the strength or the colour it once had. The hair that grows back is often very fine and weak. With additional maintenance sessions, hair removal can be permanent.  

Hormonal issues can also cause some of the hair to regrow. Many women see patches of regrowth once they have a baby. These instances of regrowth can be combated with follow-up sessions.  

What influences the permanency of laser hair removal sessions?

  There are a couple of factors that influence the longevity of the hair removal procedure:  

  • The skill of the technician.
  • Type of hair.
  • Strength of follicle.
  • Hormonal imbalances.


Is laser hair removal the right choice for you?

Laser hair removal is quite common these days with many people opting to do their entire body at one go. With improving technology, people now require fewer, less painful sessions to completely eradicate the hair from the chosen body part. It is a more convenient and cost-effective option when compared to waxing. It is most often, a one-time investment as opposed to visiting your local salon once a month, at the very least.  

At Kaya, strict practices are followed when it comes to hygiene, to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience. Especially, in today’s time safety is of utmost importance and Kaya ensures contactless service with our experts wearing PPE kits to ensure safety of both, the clients and the skin care experts. Kaya is the only UVC sanitized clinic chain in India and follows WHO complaint measures.

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