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How Long Does It Take To See Hair Transplant Results?

How Long Does It Take To See Hair Transplant Results?

Who would have thought that baldness would be today’s major hair concern for men? But because of our stressful lifestyle and the schedule that constantly keeps ticking with time, baldness in men has become unavoidable. There are so many factors right from the unhealthy food that you keep munching to the new hair products that you constantly introduce your hair to that are accountable for premature balding.

Thankfully, hair transplants have entered the picture in time to save the day of those who have been the victim of balding. If you’re the one who is facing excessive hair loss and is on the verge of suffering from premature balding, here is how hair transplants will act as your saving grace!

What Is Hair Transplant Procedure?

To understand the way hair transplants work, you must first grasp the basics that lead to hair loss. When any internal or external factor causes a hormonal imbalance, the level of DHT hormone which is also known as dihydrotestosterone starts fluctuating. This hormone reacts on your hair follicles and makes them shrink, gradually causing baldness. This baldness creates a receding hairline from the temples and eventually reaches the crown of your head.

The hair transplant procedure regains your natural looking hair and provides a permanent solution to constantly keep your hair growing.

How Does Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Although it may sound too scary and complicated, the hair transplant procedure is a comfortable service that is performed without any hassles. In this procedure, the hair follicles from the bearing area also known as the donor area are transplanted to the balding area also called as the recipient area under local anesthesia. The follicular units that are transplanted from the to the recipient area take the qualities of the donor area. As these follicular units are taken from the area which is resistant to balding, your hair continues to grow for a lifetime without getting affected by the effects of balding.

Is Hair Transplant A Time Consuming Procedure?

Absolutely not! Hair transplant is the simplest panacea to balding which doesn’t take much of your time. This procedure generally takes about 6 to 8 hours to be performed.  Once you’ve got a hair transplant done, it takes about 3 to 5 months before your transplanted hair follicles start growing new hair. Although your new hair is initially thin it gains complete maturity and becomes thicker and fuller in 8 to 10 months and continues to grow for a lifetime. In this case, isn’t this one day’s investment worth it?

Which Is The Best Place To Go For Hair Transplant?

At Kaya, the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions are performed by expert dermatosurgeons that will help you regain your natural looking hair. This hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive follicular unit method which involves no cuts, stitches and scars. At Kaya, the best in class medical infrastructure and latest technology in hair replacement is provided to ensure the utmost safety and efficacy of the procedure. The doctors at Kaya are proven experts in the field of hair transplant to ensure that you get the most natural looking results. The experts at Kaya follow a three-step approach which begins with the diagnosis of your hair. The dermatologists conduct a scalp and hair diagnosis and then treat the underlying reason for undernourished hair through various in-clinic services. In the end, the experts monitor the results with the right diet advice and specially designed hair care products to boost the health of your hair.

Premature balding may give its best shot in affecting your hair and causing hair loss but with the hair transplant procedure by your side, there’s no way that your hair can be the victim of balding.

Tired of carrying the emotional pain of premature baldness? Book an appointment at Kaya to bid goodbye to hair loss and balding.

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