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How Environment Affects Acne-Prone Skin

How Environment Affects Acne-Prone Skin

Just as gross as they are, acne breakouts may be the toughest to deal with. Especially when the environment is geared up to attack your skin and trigger acne upsurges. Here’s how the environment can affect your skin.

Effects Of The Environment On Acne Prone Skin

Dirt Accumulation

Have you ever tried wiping your face with a cotton pad after returning home from the polluted outdoors? If not, give it a shot. Our environment is a home to all kinds of impurities that roam around freely in the air. These impurities get attracted easily to acne prone skin and form a layer of dirt on it. This layer of pollutant fills up the pores which gives rise to acne outbursts.

Over Oil Secretion

If you have acne prone skin, your face is originally a storehouse of oil. The heat and humidity in the environment adds on to this condition by triggering the secretion of oil on such skin. Winters can also be a major threat to your skin as dry weather promotes the release of excess sebum. This oil clogs the pores, trapping your skin from breathing which leads to acne flare-ups. A long exposure to sunlight is another factor that can lead to over secretion of sebum, causing acne breakouts.

Dehydration And Acne Breakouts

A change in the weather can have a severe impact on your skin. Cold weather in particular can be the reason behind acne outbursts. The lack of humidity in the environment during this weather is the root cause behind the dehydration of your skin. This lack of moisture causes your skin to release excess oil which acts as an invitation for acne breakouts.

Is There A Solution To This Problem?

Ceasing such environmental acne breakouts can be difficult but not impossible!  Here are some ways that will make it easy peasy to control acne outbursts.

Facial Wipes

Be it while travelling in a taxi or standing under the blazing hot sun, facial wipes come in handy to instantly clear up the layer of dirt accumulating on your face. The Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes are mild wipes made for acne-prone skin that clear pore-clogging impurities and refresh skin on the go.


If you are blessed with acne-prone skin, you must make cleansers your best friend! Cleansers go deep into your skin and pull out the pollutants that settle in your pores. The Kaya Purifying Cleanser, specially designed for acne-prone skin, cleans the pores deeply by removing excess dirt, oil and other impurities. Its unique skin conditioners protect skin from becoming dry during clean-up.

Is your acne trouble just not ending? This is how you can be free from acne.

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