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How Does Laser Hair Reduction Work On Your Face

How Does Laser Hair Reduction Work On Your Face

Women go through a great deal of effort and expense to get rid of their facial hair. Having facial hair has become a cause of embarrassment for women, and they go to great lengths to get it removed.

With methods like threading and waxing, facial hair removal has always been a painful procedure that women endure on a monthly basis. Not only do these techniques of hair removal hurt, they turn out to be expensive and may also irritate the skin.

In such a case, the need of the hour is an efficient hair reduction system that is both- painless, inexpensive and quick. Which is why, laser hair reduction for the face is probably the best option we have in today’s times.

The laser hair reduction procedure on the face is the same as any other part of the body. The laser used for the procedure is attracted to the pigment of your hair. This laser targets the hair follicles and damages them. The hair follicles, or hair roots as some people call it, is responsible for the growth and regrowth of your hair. By damaging these roots, it is impossible for your hair to regrow, thereby giving you smooth, hair free skin. 

There are some pointers one must keep in mind if they are thinking of getting the treatment done.

1. Avoid strenuous activities after the session, as the increase in body heat and the sweating can irritate the treated area and cause reactions.

2. Do not get threaded or waxed during the course of the treatment. These hair removal techniques work by pulling the hair roots out. For the treatment to work however, your hair follicles or hair roots are required.

3. Lasers target the pigment, so treating darker skins or lighter hair is difficult. But with the Nd-YAG Laser Technology, even darker skin tones can be treated, which is perfect for Indian women in particular.  

That being said, Kaya’s Hair Free Gentle Touch is a laser hair reduction treatment that has been approved by the US FDA. Kaya Clinic is the most advanced when it comes to the laser hair reduction treatment. Our procedure begins with a consultation with our experienced dermatologist who will conduct a thorough check up of your skin and will also take into account your medical history as well as the medical history of your family. A patch test will then be conducted to make sure that the treatment is suited for your skin. After making sure that all the measures that need to be taken have been taken, your treatment will be conducted under the supervision of our dermatologists. Therefore, with the use of advanced technology, our dermatologists strive to give you the hairless and smooth skin you have always wanted.

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