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How Does Hair Get Damaged Over Time?

How Does Hair Get Damaged Over Time?

Who wouldn’t want to preserve their luscious hair in the same state for the longest time possible? But while our hair matures, many internal and external changes participate in distressing your hair. Here’s how your hair gets damaged with the passing of time.

Hair Damage Caused Over Time


With time, many factors play the devil’s card in negatively impacting your hair. Over-shampooing, lack of nourishment, hormonal imbalance, all come together to take away the moisture from your hair, giving it a bristly texture. Such dryness eventually gives rise to frizz and breakage.


Noticing a reduction in the density of your hair can be stressful. But that is exactly what happens when your hair grows older. As much as internal bodily changes play a role in thinning your hair, it can also be the result of your negligence. Lack of exfoliation causes impurities to accumulate on the scalp and clog the hair follicles. This blockage leads to a reduction in the size of the follicles which leads to hair thinning. The Kaya Intense Volumizing Masque is formulated to impart strand strength and to control moisture balance. It nourishes hair from the roots and lifts the strands, giving your hair a thicker, denser look.

Hair Fall

If the amount of hair that your comb gathers is way more than before then it’s ageing that’s showing its effect. As your body matures, its capacity to produce female hormones dwindles. This shoots up the level of testosterone, a male hormone, which is the root cause behind excessive hair fall. Environmental damage is another main reason that hikes up hair fall over time. Applying the Kaya Hair Health Gel to your hair at night is the best solution to reduce hair fall. It is specially formulated to reach right at the hair roots to reduce hair fall. This product also provides vital minerals to your hair which reduce mineral deficiency that can lead to hair fall. 

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