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How Can You Take Care Of Your Oily Skin?

How Can You Take Care Of Your Oily Skin?

‘Is that your highlighter?’

‘No. Just my skin.’ 

Have you closely noticed that friend whose skin seems to be glowing naturally? Look closely as it could be her skin or just the oil build up. Someone with healthy skin will glow, but oily skin will almost shine. If you put a dry paper on it, it would soak the oil. Just like a tissue would, if put on anything oily. You could easily blot your face to check if you have an oil build up.

An oily skin type is different from a combination skin type.

Oily skin is generally greasy looking while combination skin type generally tends to dry out in some areas like cheeks, temples and around the eye.

It’s not all bad though. While one should know how to take care of oily skin, there is one BIG perk. No issues with skin hydration as the amount of oil produced is enough for the skin to keep itself sorted in that department. But along with that, blackheads, pimples, and an overall greasy look tends to take over. This skin type is also very sensitive to cosmetics, diets and certain medicines. BUT oily skin ages well!!!

Owing to the hydration, oily skin type tends to form fewer wrinkles over time. So, rather than Googling how to get rid of oily skin, one should type in how to take care of sensitive oily skin.

So then, how can one take care of an oily face?

1. First and foremost, wash your face. Twice a day. Why? Washing your face more than twice a day can make it dry which can increase the oil production of your skin. Stick to washing it with a GENTLE CLEANSER as opposed to an off-the-rack drugstore cleanser which may dry your skin out. Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Cleanser, Salicylic Acid enriched face wash for acne-prone & oily skin can work wonders for oily skin type. It is a mild cleanser that is alcohol-free and dermatologically tested and most importantly, formulated especially not to dry out your skin.

2. Tone Specifically. In case your face is still getting oily between the face wash, you can use a toner. Cater to the oily areas only as toners tend to create dry patches. Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Toner, Alcohol-free Toner for acne-prone & oily skin has been formulated with soothing botanicals like Witch Hazel and Cucumber Extracts. Apply it to the areas you think are oily.

3. Moisturise. Just because you are getting enough hydration does not mean your skin type doesn’t need a moisturizer. Choose the moisturizer with care, try to look for a gel or water-based moisturizer which doesn’t increase your oil build up. Kaya Daily Use Moisturiser, which is a carefully created concoction of mango and shea butter, prevents water loss and keeps the skin hydrated all-day long.

4. Seek Non-comedogenic Make-Up. Makeup which is labelled noncomedogenic wouldn’t clog your pores. 

5. Exfoliate once a week. Do not pop the pimple. Whatever the temptation, do not pop that pimple. It will cause scarring and red marks.

Oily skin has a lot of problems, no doubt. But all problems are fixable. If you stick to the right routine for your skin type and the right products, you can get your skin balance back on track in some time. These were a few tips on how to get rid of oily skin naturally, add in specific fruits and nuts to your diet, quit smoking, and drinking regularly and your skin will show immediate results.

If you want to take it a step further and get your skin the balance and hydration it craves, you must look into Skin Care Products That You Need To Know About

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