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How Can You Classify Your Hair Thickness

How Can You Classify Your Hair Thickness

Just like human beings are unique, their hair is also unique and this can be attributed to a number of reasons. Hair thickness is determined by the diameter of a single strand of hair. Since different people have different hair structures, there is no standard value that can be used to measure the thickness of hair.

A major contributor of what makes up hair thickness is one’s genetic make-up. The environment also has an effect on your hair’s diameter. Another vital element is one’s growth. As babies and children, we have finer hair. However, as one grows up, the hair gets thicker and stronger and once you’re past your prime, hair starts getting finer again as you age. The hair closest to the roots will be thicker than the hair towards the end.

Thickness of hair refers to the actual width of a single strand of hair. You can easily determine thickness of hair based on how the hair feels and looks. If you hold a single strand between two fingertips, you can tell how thick or fine your hair is. If you don’t feel anything at all, then you have very fine hair. If the strand feels just there then you have medium hair and if you can prominently feel the presence of the hair, it means you have thick hair.

Hair thickness also has various other aspects like hair density, porosity, elasticity and so on.

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