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How a nail polish remover can be your best buddy

How a nail polish remover can be your best buddy



    • Use to clean your expensive chinaware

We always love to use our expensive chinaware during party but at the end they do get stained. Expensive tea cups get stained by repeated use. To do away with stains, rub the spots with some cotton dipped in nail polish remover. Rinse after that. Your chinaware will look good as new.

    • Protects your expensive shoes

Nail polish remover can be used to remove any dirt from your patent shoes. If your shoes look scruffy, wipe them with a cloth dipped in nail polish remover. They will look squeaky clean and shine.

    • Remove ink stains

You must be aware how stubborn the ink stains are and refuse to go even after repeated washing. To get rid of these stubborn stains, mix 1 tablespoon of nail polish remover in a glass of water, dip a cloth in the mixture and dab it over the stain.

    • Use to clean your keyboard

Your keyboard is teaming with germs and bacteria. To combat this problem, nail polish remover is the best solution. Dip a cotton ball in the nail polish remover and wipe your keyboard gently. You can even use the help of a toothbrush.

    • Remove melted plastic

There are times we accidentally melt plastic over hot surfaces and it gets difficult to remove it. All you need is a good nail polish remover.  Use a moist cloth dipped in nail polish remover and clean the surface. If you are cleaning an appliance then ensure that it is switched off.

    • Use to clean your razors

Razors can be breeding grounds of bacteria. To clean and sanitise the razors before you re-use it, dip the metal edges of the razor in a small cup filled with nail polish remover. Let it soak in for some time and then wash it off with warm water and soap.

    • Clean your bathroom

Use nail polish to remove the grime from your bathroom tiles. Dilute nail polish remover in some water and clean the tiles and fixtures with a clean cloth. The grime will come of easily.


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