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Here’s Your Travel Checklist

Here’s Your Travel Checklist

Vacay clothes, check! Beauty kit, check! It's the time of the year when you are busy pinning down your travel destination on the map, planning your long, much-awaited vacation. But while you keep ticking the items on your checklist, are you taking your skin into consideration?

To add a spark to your vacation we are here with some pre-travel rituals that you shouldn't miss before setting out for your exciting trip.

Going The Laser Removal Way!

Who would want to get tied up in the painful waxing hassles right before leaving for a vacation? After all, pain is not the only thing that waxing offers! There are times when waxing can leave your skin with ingrown hair which leads to the arrival of dark spots on your skin. Waxing can also cause inflammation on your skin. Who would want to leave on a trip with such skin that is damaged by waxing in so many ways?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of body hair without waxing, here’s the solution to your problem, ‘Laser Hair Removal.’

The laser hair removal technique is a totally safe and painless service that will give you smooth, hair free skin without any hassles. The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Permanent Laser Reduction service uses US FDA approved laser technology which is completely safe for Indian skin type. This service targets your hair follicles, reaching deep into your skin without causing any pain and eliminates hair right from the bottom, giving you smooth, hair free skin. This means that with laser hair removal, there is no chance that you’ll experience bumpy skin filled with ingrown hair! And guess what? Laser hair removal is the only solution that offers permanent hair removal without any trouble!

Bouncy Hair Is Guaranteed

Have you made it a point to add bouncy and voluminous hair to your travel checklist to make you look stunning? If not then no worries! The Kaya Volume Enhance And Energize Ritual is here to help you out with it. Designed by the expert dermatologists at Kaya, this ritual infuses moisture, softness and volume to your flat limp hair making them look lustrous and bouncy. The secret to this ritual is the milange of two nourishing shampoos and two deep conditioning creams. With all the amazing natural ingredients used in this ritual to pamper your skin, the nourishing hibiscus flower extract mask rich in fruit acids is something that stands out. This masque strengthens your tresses and repairs your damaged hair.

This ritual is sure to tame your locks and make them bouncy, soft and voluminous before you set off on your vacay!

With these pre-travel ritual you’re sure to have a good time flaunting your flawless skin and hair at your travel destination. But what about the post vacation tan? Isn’t that something that should be taken care of too?

Eliminating The Post Travel Tan

We know you’ve had a great time chilling your heart out at your favourite travel destination and there’s no chance that you can forget even a bit of the time spent there. But there is one thing that you must get rid of after your back from this amazing vacation, ‘the post trip tan!’ At Kaya, the Lighten And De-Tan Facial is the panacea to get your skin back to normalcy. This facial brightens the complexion of your skin, giving it a beautiful glow that is free from vacay tan!

Now that we’re sorted with all the pre and post trip rituals, right from laser hair removal and hair care treatment to the post trip tan removal service, you are free to have a splendid time at your travel destination, looking like the absolutely gorgeous tourist that you are! 

Are you ready to rock your vacation with your flawless beauty? Book an appointment at Kaya to look your best for the trip!

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