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Here's Why Freedom From Unwanted Body Hair Is Not Difficult Anymore

Here's Why Freedom From Unwanted Body Hair Is Not Difficult Anymore

Isn’t it convenient to not have to worry about excessive body hair or unwanted facial hair? You’ve definitely considered going for laser hair removal at least once due to the many advantages it has to offer.Read on some of the amazing reviews of our happy customers who’ve undergone the Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch – Laser Hair Removal treatment. Read on till the end to avail something exciting!

Monitored Sessions

Diana Chopra, a Kaya customer, is pleased with the involvement of experts during the treatment and has this to say about the treatment ‘I undergo laser treatments for 3 parts as well as facials here. The receptionist is very courteous and the staff that I used to get all my services done with are professional, knowledgeable and always put the clients’ need ahead. One of the lasers I get done is in a very sensitive area so both the doctor and therapist are there to monitor and ensure its done safely and efficiently and I'm getting decent results. As a bonus they usually have offers so check the same. All in all I would recommend this place.’

Well Looked After And During The Treatment

Nancy Malhotra, who regularly visits Kaya, is impressed with the care that the clinic provides before, during and after the treatment. She says ‘Very welcoming staff. I have started a laser treatment and they are taking care of my needs very well.’

Long Term Solution

As someone who has been undergoing various Kaya treatments for the past 7 years, Chandni Raja is extremely pleased with Kaya and has this to say about laser hair removal, ‘I have been going to Kaya for more than 7 years now and it has been a wonderful experience so far. It was recommended by a friend of mine and I am so glad that I visited this place. The laser hair reduction is effective and painless. Loved it to the core, excellent staff attitude! Splendid quality of products and treatment and supervision of expert dermatologists. These are few of the best things to jot down. Highly recommended!’

If these reliable customer experiences have left you convinced to book an appointment with Kaya, you should hurry and do so now! What’s more is that there are exciting offers for you in store. Getting freedom from hair has never been this rewarding!

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